Wynn Casino

The Wynn Group and the Las Vegas Casino

The Wynn Las Vegas casino belongs to the Wynn group created by Steve Wynn. The casino was introduced much later to broaden the range of activities in the extensive building which contains a large hotel with a golf course and a lake, restaurants with many culinary specialities and bars, cafés, night clubs, shops, shopping centres, a theatre and a large hall, salons and spas. It is one of the biggest complexes and one of the most luxurious establishments in Las Vegas, a gaming and entertainment paradise.

In the beginning the casino was called “The Dream” but the name changed once it was built. Its construction cost more than 2 and a half billion dollars. It opened to the public, made up of clients and also tourists, on the 28th of April 2005.

A description of the Wynn casino

The casino is spread over an area of 10 000 square metres. All sorts of table games can be found there such as dice games, card games and roulette in its various forms etc. It is a very prestigious establishment built in a luxurious style. There are different rooms for the different games depending on their category. For example one will find poker tables in a room set aside for this use only. The rooms for other table games are to be found elsewhere, this means that more noisy games are not mixed in with those requiring silence and concentration.

On the whole the casino activities are very varied because one doesn’t find just games there but also sport betting. One can bet on one’s favourite sport from among a large choice including golf, football, baseball and horse racing to name a few. The rules for betting are the same as in other casinos. According to his budget, the player can bet on the sport or game of his choice by placing single, multiple or combined bets.

The different games in the Wynn Las Vegas

First of all let’s look at the slot machines: you will certainly find the traditional versions with up to 1900 one armed bandits. The bets vary starting with a symbolic sum and going up to a level which can reach $5000. You can also play on cumulative jackpot slot machines if you wish to gain considerable winnings. Among the versions you have a choice of “Wynn Megabucks” with a pot of 10 million dollars; the “windfall” which accepts miniscule bets of a quarter, $1 or $5 for example for a win of up to $100 000; the “Wynn Cash for Life” which is quite specific and for which the prize is to have a sum of money regularly given to the winner if he hits the jackpot; and finally the “Wynn Monte Carlo” which one can also find in the “Encore” casino: the betting starts off very low beginning at less than $1.

Other traditional table games are offered to satisfy fans of classic cash games like baccarat and its different versions, blackjack of course, roulette , War, Caribbean Stud and of course poker in several versions such as Pak Gow and Three Card, Omaha, Stud and Hold ‘em. There is a specific room dedicated to poker in all its variations and it alone contains 36 tables. Onsite there are buy-in tournaments organised by the casino staff in which everyone can participate because the pots for these buy-ins vary to suit different budgets. These tournaments are very stimulating if one considers the winnings one can make and the advantages one can gain.