Why is Fun Mode vital?

All online casinos offer their players the possibility of betting with artificial money thanks to a mode called “fun mode” in online casino jargon and which is also known as “free mode” or “demo mode”. This mode has one main aim: to give access to almost all the games without spending even one cent of real money. Why is this? Simply to allow players to familiarise themselves with the software and to get to know the games’ graphics and the bonus structure and even to try free spins on slot machines. This free mode is vital for new players who wish to try the games without spending any real money. In this way players will find themselves in the same environment as in real mode except that the money bet is “false”.
It must be said that this gaming mode is ideal for assessing the games and evaluating them according to one’s expectations. In fact while playing in fun mode a player can test the environment and make a decision: either to register in real mode in order to play with real money or to uninstall the software in a few seconds and choose another online casino.This free mode is mostly aimed at novice players who wish to get their bearings before making any real money deposit. In fact this preliminary stage to using real money mode is decisive for a player so that he may be registered in the customer service data base. From time to time players registered in fun mode receive emails from online casinos inviting them to accept a first deposit bonus to encourage them to bet in their virtual gaming establishment. It is important to point out that players can contact customer service by email to ask to be removed from the online casino’s player database. Moreover a lot of online casinos’ emails finish up in players’ trash since so many are sent that they are recognised as spam.

Casino games in flash

The other way to assess online casino games is to play in flash mode. Almost all software editors such as Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming, Real time Gaming, B3W and others offer games in flash. It is to be noted that one of the main faults of the casino games designer Top Game is that it doesn’t offer this type of game in flash which is a pity. However this software offers a fun mode version to assess the platform and its range of games.

Games in flash allow you to play your favourite games but casinos don’t put all of their games in flash mode just a representative range. As a general rule, slot machines form the majority of the games in flash but it’s also possible to find games of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps or video poker. The difference between flash mode and fun mode is that with games in flash the player doesn’t gain access to the casino’s lobby as one does in free mode. Playing in flash mode enables one to choose one’s game and to access it without passing through the casino lobby and therefore the player has no idea of what is available to him in the lobby: graphics, list of games on offer etc.

To be noted: Cumulative jackpot slot machines aren’t accessible in fun mode because a part of the pot is topped up by real money bets and so players cannot access it with artificial money. Also, games with live dealers are accessible to fun players (just to see how they work) but they can’t under any conditions play because only players at the tables can bet with real money. Games with live dealers are mainly offered by casinos using Playtech technology or those found in land based casinos like the one in Dublinbet Casino.

CodeBonusCasino.com’s advice
We recommend that our visitors who are novice players download the online casino of their choice and register in fun mode (don’t forget to enter the bonus code if we offer one) in order to become familiar with the platform and the games. In this way you can discover the inner workings of the online casino and perhaps move on to using real money once you have found your bearings in the casino.