Welcome bonus

Welcome Bonus: What is a Welcome Bonus?

Online casinos offer their players many bonuses starting with the registration bonus also known as the welcome bonus. Although it is often presented in different ways, it always has the same aim: to attract a new player to the site and to allow him to discover and appreciate it by offering him some free gaming time.

Definition of a welcome bonus and its role

A welcome bonus is a bonus offered by an online casino to a new player after he registers on the site and whose amount and conditions of use vary from one site to the next. It can be presented in many guises such as a free bonus, a bonus given after a first deposit, free gaming time etc. The role of these bonuses, no matter what their type, is to attract new clients with a certain sum of money as a lure which can be used on the site and which will enable them to play for free or almost for free. However it must be noted that using and especially the withdrawal of the welcome bonus is always subject to certain conditions which are more or less rigorous depending on the sites: the amount granted must be gambled several times before being able to withdraw it etc. For sport betting sites, sometimes bookmakers demand that this amount be bet on odds that are more or less high, that is on those whose probability of coming through are minimal. All of these conditions are put in place to force the player to make deposits that will benefit the site.

The free bonus without a deposit

To-day this type of bonus is rare as a result of the abuse suffered by gaming sites. It comes in the form of an amount generally between 5 and 45 euros and which is given to a new player without requiring any outlay that is he isn’t obliged to make a deposit before benefiting from it. However it always comes with drastic withdrawal conditions attached such as a very high number of bets which can sometimes be 20 or even more. These conditions were put in place to prevent any possible abuse by players. With this system any player having benefited from this bonus is required to make deposits afterwards in order to withdraw it. More or less similar to this, being granted free playing time is also greatly appreciated by players with quite a large sum being offered by the site to be used within a specified amount of time. Generally it is an amount equivalent to 500€ to be used between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the site. After this time is up the player keeps the benefits granted to him but the initial amount of the bonus is subtracted. In the case of the player not having made any winnings, the amount remaining on the player’s account is also withdrawn.

The bonus after a first deposit

Nowadays this bonus is used the most frequently by online gaming sites. It is credited to the player’s account after he has made his first deposit. Although most of the sites offer a bonus of 100% of the amount of the first deposit, with a ceiling, some even go as far as 300% or even more. The conditions under which one can benefit from this bonus vary according to the sites; some offer to credit it at one time while others, generally those offering a large bonus, offer to do it later at different times. For example, the player will get 100% of the first deposit, 100% after the second and the same for the third. However compared to free bonuses without a deposit, it can be said that the withdrawal conditions are less severe for welcome bonuses requiring at least a first deposit. It can be said that certain sites practically offer just this type of bonus because it only requires the player to bet 6 times the bonus in order to be able to withdraw winnings.