Webmoney, an efficient online payment method

Many online casino clients decide not to use their credit card to carry out their transactions whether it is to deposit or withdraw money from their casino account. They prefer to use an alternative method and choose Webmoney, a virtual or electronic wallet.

Opening a Webmoney account

To use one’s money with Webmoney a client must follow a certain procedure. He must begin by deciding which of the two sets of software he wishes to use to access his future account. He has a choice between a version to download on his computer, WM Keeper Classic and a version whose applications are accessible through a browser using a secure https connection, WM Keeper Light. If he chooses the latter option, the client must also install a Webmoney digital transfer document.

As a client, no matter which version you chose, you will receive your Webmoney identity number. In order to register your request to open an account you will be asked to provide documents relating to your identity. Finally one must transfer money into one’s electronic account. You could easily transfer money from your bank account to your Webmoney account but you could also credit it with a cash deposit. As regards withdrawing money, you still have the choice between a transfer but this time from the Webmoney account to your bank account or else to make a withdrawal from cash machines which have an agreement with Webmoney.

Transactions with Webmoney

Paying with Webmoney is subject to some limits. The minimum expenditure is 10 dollars. Daily it’s not possible to withdraw amounts of more than 600 dollars. Weekly the maximum amount is 1500 dollars. The amount that can be withdrawn in a month is 2000 dollars. Using a Webmoney account is very advantageous because in contrast to opening a traditional account very little information needs to be given. If one doesn’t have a bank account one can still have a Webmoney account and top it up with cash.

The speed with which the different transactions are carried out is also an aspect appreciated by the many users of Webmoney. While looking at the payment methods listed on an online casino site one just has to click on Webmoney and transfer money to the casino site. The operation only takes a few minutes and then one can play with the money which has been deposited. Also several online casinos offer a bonus which can be up to 15% on the first deposit made by their new clients if they top up their account with Webmoney. Webmoney is easy to use and can also offer special bonuses on money gaming sites.

The different possibilities offered by Webmoney

One can access different services when one is a Webmoney client. So according to the client’s business level one can find out what amount of transactions have taken place or with which organisations they have been made. This also allows one to keep an eye on one’s purchases and for fans of online casinos to have a summary of all the transactions carried out. Webmoney clients can access this information in a section of either version of the WM Keeper software.

With a Webmoney account a user may have several electronic wallets with different currencies for each one of them. So for example one could have one in American dollars and one in roubles. The advantage is that a Webmoney user can transfer money from a wallet in euros to a wallet in roubles if he wants to put roubles into his account. If a casino only accepts, for example, dollars and you don’t have any you just have to transfer your euros or your roubles into an American currency wallet which you would have very easily created using the WM Keeper software. An exchange rate is automatically applied and charges are made for this type of transaction. In conclusion, it’s possible to say that using Webmoney is an efficient means of carrying out one’s different transactions online.