Video Poker

Basic Principles of Video Poker

Video poker is a cash game offered by online and actual casinos in which the player plays against a machine instead of real or virtual opponents. The aim is to have the best hand and to be paid in relation to this.

Learning the Rules of video Poker before Playing

The player will only receive his cards after having put one or more coins into the slot to start the game. According to video poker rules the player can decide himself the amount of his bet. After having chosen the amount of his bet, he must pull the lever if it’s an actual game of video poker or press the button “play” or “pull” if he’s playing in a virtual casino. Then the video poker machine will give him the first cards on the game screen and after that he can decide which cards he wishes to keep and change the others by again pressing the button or pulling the lever. The replacement cards will appear after this action. A video poker player must decide on the number of cards that he wishes to replace bearing in mind that only one replacement is allowed according to the basic rules of this game.

Rules for Jacks or Better

According to the rules regulating the Jacks or Better video poker game, payment for winning hands depends on the value of these. Firstly a royal flush Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10 of the same suit is the best hand. Within the cycle this combination appears once out of every 40 000 possible combinations. If the player bets 5 tokens, a royal flush will bring in up to 4 000 coins whereas below this value the player will only win 250 coins. A straight flush will generate 50 coins for a bet of one token and a four of a kind pays 25 coins per token bet. A full house will generate between 6 and 9 coins for every token bet while colour pays between 4 and 5 coins for a token if the player manages to combine 5 cards of the same suit in a particular order. Three of a kind is worth 3 coins per token placed in Jacks or Better and a two pair will pay the player 2 coins per token. Finally, the Jack or Better pair is the weakest pair according to the rules and is made up of a pair of high cards (two kings or queens or jacks) or a pair of aces.

Rules for Deuces Wild

The rules for Deuces Wild video poker are the same as for classic poker except for the number 2 cards which are called Wild. In fact these cards can replace any other card either in its value or its strength giving the player the possibility to form a good hand. The first five cards will appear on the screen once the player has placed the minimum bet. Then the player can keep or change the cards he is playing with by pressing the lever or the button. If he gets a 2 card, the computer will take into account the highest value so that the player’s hand benefits. The player can make up natural formations while following the usual order of the cards.
The three of a kind is the smallest combination accepted by Deuces Wild. Going from the weakest to the strongest, there is the suit, colour, then the full house and four of a kind and then the straight flush, the four of a kind which contains one or several 2s, in third place is the straight royal flush Wild which is beaten by four Deuces which has four 2s of different colours with another card and the best is the natural straight royal flush.

Rules for Jokers Wild

In Jokers Wild the player needs to form a combination containing a minimum of one pair of jacks or more and the strongest combination is the straight royal. The five initial cards are sent to the screen as soon as the player has placed the necessary bet. As in the other versions of video poker, the rules allow him to select the cards he wishes to keep and to replace the others by pulling the lever or pressing the button. If the player has been able to get a good combination he can do doubling round which allows him to double his winnings by pressing the “double” button. The return will give five new cards. The Joker Wild rules say that the player must return one of the four remaining cards. There can be two outcomes: if the card in question is higher than those already visible, the player wins double his bet, otherwise he’ll lose his wager. The value of the combinations in Jokers Wild is the same as in Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better.