Venetian Casino

The Venetian Casino

The Venetian complex has been in existence since 1999 and is a huge monument in the heart of Las Vegas. It has almost 4000 rooms most of which are luxury suites. The architecture is sumptuous and was directly inspired by the Doges Palace in the city of Venice. It has a nightclub and 16 restaurants with renowned chefs. It is one of the few places to have its own wax museum and the Guggenheim Museum possesses one of the most beautiful collections of paintings in the world. But most outstanding is its Grand Canal Shoppes, a shopping centre with canals and gondolas giving the impression of being in Venice. One goes through each shop in a gondola and one is even lucky enough to have a gondolier who sings the famous air “O Sole Mio”. This establishment cost 1.5 billion dollars which makes it the largest investment in Las Vegas. One can see that it is an architectural gem but this is nothing compared to what its casino offers.

The Games Available in the Venetian casino

The casino occupies 10 000 square metres in the heart of the hotel and the slot machine room is the most spectacular. Decorated with marble statues, it has thousands of classic and cumulative jackpot one-arm bandits. The latter attract the most clients because they offer jackpots of a million dollars. One can play on a machine inspired by Lara Croft or a tropical beach unless of course you prefer the world of Harry Potter. The Venetian casino has machines to suit all levels of budget. The Gold Club lounge is aimed at novices who can dine and be entertained in calm surroundings. This casino offers no less than 139 games such as Craps, Caribbean Poker, different types of roulette, Blackjack and Casino War. One can also find less well known games such as Sic Bo with its dynamic atmosphere.
Poker occupies a special place in the Venetian since several rooms are specifically dedicated to it. In the first place one has the rooms for High Roller players who bet thousands of dollars in each game. The casino offers them free meals in its luxurious restaurants or sessions in the hotel spa. Beginners are catered for too and they are well looked after by the staff. If he wishes, a player can have a personal coach who will teach him all the tricks to win in Texas Hold’em. One can play any variation of Texas Hold’em even though the No Limit version is the most popular. Beginners are advised to start at Limit tables to avoid losing too much. There are coaches for all the variations. This gives you the chance to learn certain variations of poker such as Studs which are not always available to amateurs. This allows one to broaden one’s experience and to see the difference between each version.

Poker Tournaments

The Venetian has its own tournament called the Deep Stack Extravaganza. All the games are played as Texas Hold’em No Limit and the casino plans to increase the number of tables to 89 instead of the present number of 39. This tournament is made up of 48 tournaments with Buy Ins reaching 5 000 dollars. For poker experts the casino also has a HORSE and Omaha tournament with entry prices slightly lower than for Texas Hold’em. The aim of the brand is to showcase all types of poker in magnificent surroundings to encourage players to return regularly.
Even though the casino is just one part of the complex, the Venetian plans to develop online gaming in the coming years. This will enable it to promote its image worldwide in the hope of becoming the best casino in Las Vegas. A casino like the Venetian proves that everything is possible in Las Vegas so without any doubt it is a good idea to go there to try your luck in winning the jackpot.


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