Ukash a secure method for online payments

Several alternative payment methods are generally offered to clients by online casinos. So for those who do not wish to have to use their credit card there is Ukash, an electric wallet which allows owners of this virtual account to pay online and notably in online casinos and poker sites.

Introducing Ukash

Ukash is an alternative payment method which uses a virtual account created by an internet using client. To open this account the client is asked to answer a questionnaire available on the internet and to credit the account. Various possibilities are available to them and they can carry out their transfers by credit card or simply by bank transfer. When this transfer has been validated clients will receive by text or email their 20 figure secret code. This code must be kept safe because it will be required for every payment carried out online and of course also when online casino clients wish to make a deposit. That is the main advantage of payment with Ukash. When Ukash users make a payment with it they are not asked to provide bank details. In fact the only information that is necessary, for example for an online casino, is the twenty figure number which makes up a client’s personal code. The sites receiving your money will by no means have any contact with your bank account. That is because paying with Ukash is the same as paying in cash.

Taking money from a virtual wallet which is independent of a bank account is even easier with Ukash prepaid cards. These work in the same way as the account which means that a number code linked to the account is used to make one’s payments. Cards with different amounts are available and clients can have 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 250 and even 500 euro cards. In this way, Ukash users have the advantage of having a fixed amount and of being able to take the amounts they wish from it by just providing their personal code. We must mention that clients of online casinos, mainly those using Playtech software, who use Ukash to credit their casino account will get a 10% bonus with their first deposit.

How does the Ukash group work?

Ukash is an international group for payments on the web. It is part of Smart Voucher Ltd which is controlled by the Financial Services Authority. Ukash protects its technology with patents which guarantee its exclusive use. Ukash is an international network which is spread across several European countries and also as far as South Africa where many clients use this very advantageous payment method. So online casino clients situated in Great Britain, Germany, France or Spain can use Ukash to deposit money into their account. We would like to point out however that it would be useful to check if the casino site allows Ukash to be used because some of them do not have an agreement with Ukash. This is even more important since certain Ukash users simply don’t have a bank account and the choice won’t be offered to them. If they want to play in an online casino it is vital that they choose one that works with Ukash.

Ukash is one of the best examples of an alternative payment method because it allows people who don’t have a bank account to have an electronic account. By having a Ukash account, clients have a sum of money that they can use at any time by carrying out transactions online. These are operations which they will carry out from their Ukash account or with their Ukash prepaid card for which they only need to supply their code. The Ukash payment method has allowed professional sites to open the market to new clients who wish to make online payments in other ways than by credit cards.