Trump Taj Mahal Casino

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino

The Trump Taj Mahal is part of the famous Trump Entertainment Resort hotel chain. This establishment is in New Jersey on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City and is one of the most luxurious casino-hotels in North America. Besides offering accommodation the Trump Taj Mahal specialises in luxury holidays. Various activities are offered to this end including gaming, shows and areas reserved for rest and relaxation; without of course forgetting its famous casino which offers the best of table games, card games and games of chance in order to ensure its clients experience the best in gaming.

The Trump Taj Mahal has an excellent casino which stands out due to its size. There are about 700 gaming tables in the casino of which about 500 are used for tournaments. Also the North American Poker Championship is organised annually in this establishment. The importance of the Trump Taj Mahal casino is also seen in the amount of slot machines of which it has almost 3000. Moreover the majority of classic cash games are available in this casino notably roulette, blackjack, craps and Baccarat, a speciality of the house.

The services offered by the Trump Taj Mahal casino are most satisfactory in particular its area reserved for VIPs. This excellence has been recognised by the title “Best Casino” awarded by the “Casino Player” magazine. But the Trump Taj Mahal casino stands out particularly because of its ACES programme; assistants are available to players to help them to learn the games or to help if there is a problem. These professionals in casino games will help you with the games you play no matter what your level.

Accommodation in the Trump Taj Mahal

The Trump Taj Mahal offers different types of accommodation including bedrooms, suites and presidential suites. In all there are about six different types of offers available to you and the difference between them depends on the features of each room such as the type of bathroom and the area of the room. Moreover all the rooms in the Trump Taj Mahal have the internet, television, room service etc. Also the decoration of the Trump Taj Mahal is very attractive thanks in particular to the use of exterior light to enhance the bedrooms.

The Trump Taj Mahal complex also makes rooms available to its clients for business meetings, marriages and various special occasions. Each event will have its own staff which will ensure the success of the occasion. Care to detail is the byword for this staff who will do everything to ensure the event lives up to your expectations. On the other hand, the ocean and the city are visible from the complex and if you wish to have a walk you can do so at anytime.

Leisure activities in the Taj Mahal

It is difficult to be bored in a hotel like the Trump Taj Mahal. In fact there is a multitude of activities on offer, for example sport, water sports, or a spa. In the case of the latter, the hotel has massage therapists who can help you with muscular problems. Beside this the complex has several swimming pools, tennis courts, thirty greens etc. On the other hand if you prefer shopping the many shops in the Trump Taj Mahal building are pleased to offer you various items such as clothing, jewellery and decorative items. At night, the Trump Taj Mahal is enlivened by its night clubs and the shows which are regularly staged in the hotel’s theatres.

Dining in the Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal

As is to be expected of a complex on an international scale, the Trump Taj Mahal has several restaurants offering various specialities. Gourmets as well as fans of fast food will all find what they are looking for in this casino- hotel. For example, the New York Mulino offers delicious dishes accompanied by one of the best wines from its cellar. On the other hand, the Dynasty specialises in Asian cuisine with mostly Chinese dishes. As for meat eaters, they will be pleased to hear that the Trump Taj Mahal has been awarded many prizes for its Angus steak.

The Trump Taj Mahal also has fast food restaurants such as the Burger and the Plate. The former is well known for its burgers with delicious dressings and the latter is a coffee shop where you may have your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Rim Noodle isn’t a classic bar since it’s a noodle bar and you are able to see your meal being prepared from your seat. The Trump Taj Mahal has more than a dozen restaurants which are all very interesting as you will discover  during your visit.