Testing and classification of online casinos

The aim of our online casinos guide, CodeBonusCasino.com, is to provide accurate and objective information on the different casinos which proliferate on the web. This directory was designed to save time for fans of land based casinos who wish to discover the world of online casinos. Our specialists have examined from every angle online casino after online casino in order to share their experience with our numerous members.CodeBonusCasino.com has developed a classification of online casinos with the aim of saving precious time for fans of casino games. The classification of the online casinos was developed based on several criteria. Firstly, several members of our team opened accounts in all of the online casinos offered on our site. Why open several accounts? Simply so that each of our staff members would have their own experience of and opinion on the online casinos and could then share their opinions with each other. So in order to have an accurate evaluation, close to reality, it is important to carry out many tests in order to be able to give an opinion particularly on customer service and its availability (see below).

Verification of the online casino’s site

An online casino’s site gives an idea of the seriousness and reliability of the online casino, it is like its shop window. So the casino bonuses offered are a very important factor and the explanation of the welcome bonus is vital. In fact it is obligatory for an online casino to clearly explain exactly what a player is due to receive as a bonus on his first deposits. Obviously there shouldn’t be an asterix which refers one to a note in small print or to terms and conditions which make one dizzy.                                .
A casino gains points for having transparent communication concerning what it offers to its players. There is nothing more frustrating than being refused a bonus because the player hasn’t read a paragraph at the very bottom of the page of the casino’s conditions. Another important point which every serious casino should make clear to players without fail is wagering. In fact, bonuses require that a player bets a certain number of times the amount of his bonus (some casinos also impose wagering on deposits along with wagering on bonuses- editor’s note) and it is imperative that this be clearly specified in black and white on the site. The VIP structure is something that should not be taken lightly and each level should clearly indicate the benefits to the player. Often online casinos are not clear on this point which to us is a vital element.

Games in flash give a glimpse of the quality of the games proposed in the casino although often only a reduced range of the games is shown on the site. The site’s graphic quality, its ergonomics and also the editing of the site’s content are very important. So a site full of spelling mistakes or translated by Google would not have our support even if the casino’s platform was perfect.

Information on the company, availability of customer service (means of contacting operators and the languages spoken) and also on the number of games are also important elements so that everything is transparent.

Opening accounts in fun mode and in real money

Once the sites had been gone through with a fine comb our team then opened accounts in fun mode in order to gauge the registration, the platform, the games and also the customer service. This stage gives a first glimpse of the casino in particular the graphics and the range of games. In this way it is possible to discover the platform and to begin to test the customer service’s approach. While registered in fun mode the operators should give new players a perfect welcome in order to encourage them to make a first deposit. Top Game software has inserted a space for live chat into the casino games and so it is possible to test the politeness and reactions of the customer service agents. Then our team moved on to real money mode. For this a budget was given to each of our team members to play under real conditions. All of our specialists’ work concerns the “dissection” of an online casino in real mode.

This stage is decisive as our members played all of the games on offer (Please note, all slot machines weren’t tested but each type was: classic machines, video, etc) in order to have a precise idea of their graphic quality and the level of the game. While passing themselves off as players our specialists surfed from one game to the next and played several times to see if the bonus structure and wagering were observed and matched what was stated on the site.

Customer service and retention of players

Besides the games, the bonus structure and the platform, customer service is one of the key elements for an online casino. So we decided to test customer service by day and night, by telephone and live chat and also to check the delay in answering emails. In order to give a reliable opinion on the customer service we tested the customer service agents’ patience by taking on the role of an unhappy player or of an addicted gambler so as to discover the operators’ professionalism. Moreover we decided to carry out several tests at different times to avoid getting the same agent and to see how each one would react to our demands. So we made different requests not to receive a bonus and to cash in our winnings whenever we wished, asked questions about bonuses for slot machines or table games (often casinos imply that the welcome bonus is valid for all games whereas often they only give it for slot machine games) and also about the delay in paying out winnings. Nothing is more frustrating than not getting one’s winnings within the allotted time and we also included this selection criteria when developing our classification. Emails to encourage players’ loyalty offering special offers and their frequency were also taken into account and we placed great importance on the relationship between the customer service and ourselves during our tests.

In conclusion, the casinos featured on our site are recommended to our many visitors and members. We continue to periodically test the online casinos so that the classification is most realistic according to our criteria and therefore the ratings may vary from one month to another depending on the meetings of our experts.