Why read terms and conditions

Why read terms and conditions?There is one essential basic piece of knowledge for all online casino players: casino terms and conditions. In fact it is crucial to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the online casinos in which you have chosen to play. The terms and conditions are draconian in certain casinos which don’t hesitate to write in small print restrictive information such as withdrawal demands or in certain cases the obligation to give an interview with a photo to illustrate an article about the winner of a cumulative jackpot or any other win in a card or table game. It is important to read online casino terms and conditions to have an idea of the online casino.

Casino Bonus: Wagering

Most online casinos impose withdrawal conditions at the same time that a player accepts a bonus. In fact bonuses offered by online casinos are subject to strict restrictions and any withdrawal requires a player to observe wagering. Wagering is a term for a coefficient which the player must observe before requesting a withdrawal. In order to understand this concept a concrete example is necessary. Let’s take, for example, a casino offering a 100% bonus on the first deposit with a wagering of 30. That means that the player must bet 30 times the bonus and the deposit to request a withdrawal that is 30 x (100€+100€) = 6000€. So a player who has deposited 100€ and received a bonus of 100€ must bet at least 6000€ before requesting to withdraw these winnings. (Be careful! Bets are completely different to deposits!!)
It must be said that wagering varies from one casino to the next and it is important to read the withdrawal conditions. Some online casinos offer wagering only on bonuses and others like the one in the previous example do so for both bets and bonuses.The online casino Rome Casino shows complete transparency on its promotions page by displaying clear examples and players know exactly what to expect. Very few online casinos display such transparency and we must take our hat off to this great casino which demonstrates such reliability.Important: Some online casinos tend to change their terms and conditions whenever they feel like it. It is important to check that everything is as you would wish it so as not to have an unwanted surprise. We advise our players to check the terms and conditions in particular the online casino’s wagering from time to time in order to check that the wagering hasn’t been modified. We can reassure players that wagering doesn’t change every day but can sometimes be changed once or a maximum of twice a year. This wagering clause is imposed in the case where a casino bonus is accepted but for those who do not wish to accept a bonus winnings can be withdrawn whenever the player wishes ( See “Refusing a Casino bonus”).

As a general rule, we recommend that one reads the players’ terms and conditions both for bonuses and for withdrawing winnings. In fact online casinos can limit payment of players’ winnings every week. In this way, a player who has won 5000€ could be paid in weekly instalments of 2500€ or less depending on the casino. Some online casinos will pay out the player’s winnings at one time and other online casinos impose instalment payments. Why? Simply to gain time and in the hope that the player will again bet the part winnings while waiting for the payment. Terms and conditions are important and it is better to spend a few minutes reading them than to have an unwelcome surprise.