Slot Machine Rules

Slot machines

Playing a slot machine, whether it’s a classic or a cumulative jackpot one, doesn’t require any particular competence. In fact what is unusual about slot machines is that there aren’t any rules. It’s a real game of chance which doesn’t require any particular ability.

The principles behind slot machines

Even if there aren’t any rules there is still a method of use that is pertinent to slot machines. So, in order to start a game the client must insert the bet and pull the handle to start the movement of the rollers. On the web one just needs to click a button to start this same operation. Thus there are no rules but there are certain points which it is good to know. One needs to know that depending on the bets placed the amount to be won can differ. Cumulative jackpot slot machines offer a jackpot which can only be won if one places the maximum bet allowed (in general this is 3 tokens).

The choice of machine is also important as it’s useful to know on which type of machine one is going to play. They could be machines with 3, 4, or 5 rollers or a machine offering more than 50 payment lines. Whatever the type of machine on which you play the basics always remain the same: bet, start and wait for the results of the draw. The results are given in a completely random manner, that’s why we insist on the fact that there is no definite procedure that will enable you to predict the outcome. At one time the combinations were come by with a system of cogs and gears but nowadays the old mechanical system has been replaced by a random number generator rendering any calculation impossible. Whether a slot machine is placed at the entrance or the back of a casino, whether it’s hot or cold, after a client has played for several hours before you, nothing allows you to say that a certain machine gives out more money than another. On this point only the rate of distribution of the winnings could give you an idea about the machine. So a machine with a rate of 95% would give you 95€ on bets of 100€ placed.

Playing slot machines in online casinos

In an online casino one plays slot machines in the same way one does in an actual casino but virtually. Both involve choosing a machine and inserting one’s bet. We would like to point out as is the case for all money games, one needs to be reasonable and to limit oneself to a particular budget. Since it’s a money game one must be prepared to lose and in this case one must avoid the inclination to immediately regain one’s losses no matter what the cost. If one plays just for the pleasure of playing and to make the game last the longest time, it’s preferable to bet the minimum amount. Looking at the list of winnings allows the player to know how much to bet in order to aim for the jackpot. So depending on what you hope to win it’s possible to change your bets.
In these virtual casinos there is a large range of slot machines and certain sites even organise tournaments. In this case the player is still alone with his machine but the result of his draw is compared with that of another.
The cumulative jackpot machines also follow the same principles as those in an actual casino. So part of the bet is taken to be added to the communal jackpot. We remind you that it’s obligatory to place the maximum bet to aspire to winning the jackpot.


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