Moneybookers Ltd is a company that was founded in January 2001 and registered at that time as a Central Bank and Other monetary intermediary. After that it broadened its activities in February 2003 by becoming an electronic money emitting  institution or electronic wallet. It is registered in Wales and England. It is a company which is regulated by the British Financial Services Authority and a member of the Electronic Money Association. For almost ten years, Moneybookers has mostly been found in the area of online money games. It allows any person or business which has an email address to carry out secure online financial transactions in real time. In fact the money is sent or received by email using other payment methods like credit cards, a bank account or e-Gold. It is in use in more than 30 countries, available in 12 languages and accepts more than 20 currencies.

Moneybookers and online credit cards

Moneybookers can also be used as a payment solution in several online casinos either to make a deposit or to buy casino credit. Its transactions are secure, instant and guaranteed. However before using Moneybookers services one must register for free on the Moneybookers site giving one’s email address, bank or debit or credit card details as well as a password. This information will be made secure and be protected by encryption. Every time one connects to the Moneybookers site one is always asked for an email address, a password and an automatically generated code for complete transaction security. To make a deposit or to buy casino credit one must go to the online casino’s section dealing with financial transactions. Then after having chosen and confirmed Moneybookers in the deposit or withdrawal window the page is then redirected to the Moneybookers site where one must confirm the amount of the transaction. The operation is only carried out if a message appears to inform one that the transaction has been successful. One must not forget to mention the payment method to be used either a transfer of money from a bank account, credit card, cheque or e-Gold.

Moneybookers’ financial transactions

As well as deposits and withdrawals with online casinos Moneybookers also allows one to buy online, to receive money by email and to send money from a bank account, or debit / credit cards by email. The cost of these operations is reasonable when compared to other payment methods which aren’t even instant. In fact the commission is only 1% and limited to 0.50€. Like for bank services a statement of transactions is available at anytime and it can be sent to an Excel file. As regards sending money, it’s possible to carry out transactions anywhere in the world even if the recipient doesn’t have an active Moneybookers account. It is enough if he just has an email address.

It is also possible to instantly top up one’s Moneybookers account using funds from the owner’s bank account, credit cards or e-Gold by converting the e-currency at the transaction day’s exchange rate in the site’s “Download” section. To instantly pay for online purchases more than 20,000 online shops accept this payment method because of the security of the transactions. After confirming one’s purchase one just needs to click on Moneybookers on the seller site’s payment page and to provide the email address along with the password without forgetting to choose the payment method and to confirm. The transaction will take place automatically because the debit card details were recorded on registration.

Moneybookers’ other services

Along side financial transaction services while carrying out the role of an electric wallet Moneybookers also offers an additional service sending faxes and text messages. Contacting its Customer Services Department is quick thanks to the efficiency of its online assistance centre which detects and reduces the amount of useless emails. Also to improve its service quality and ethics, Moneybookers collaborates with organisations working against fraud.


News about Moneybookers-Skrill

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