Sic Bo

The basics of the game of Sic Bo

For a single bet in Sic Bo the rules of the game stipulate that the better makes a profit depending on the number of dice showing the number that he mentioned before throwing the dice. In Sic Bo the gaming board has six squares for each of the numbers available as single bets.

The main rules for Big and Small bets in Sic Bo

The rules in Sic Bo mainly concern the bets. This game of chance is played with three dice and the aim of the game is to predict the faces that will be upwards when the dice stop. As regards Small bets the total of the numbers required on all three faces must be less than 11 but the value must be between 10 and 4. On the other hand the player loses his Small bet if the dice show a low triple of 1, 2 or 3. There are 108 possible combinations in Sic Bo which total a minimum of 11 and only three of those can make a triple. If one places a Big bet in Sic Bo the three faces must total between 17 and 11 to win. This bet fails in the case that a high triple of 4, 5, 6 turns up. Out of the 108 combinations worth 10 or more only three will give a triple.

The rules concerning double bets in Sic Bo

The pay out to winners depends on the accuracy of the predictions for each type of stake in Sic Bo. If the player wants to place a double bet in the game of Sic Bo it is vital that a double turns up to win. In such a situation two dice must show the predicted double. A double bet is very advantageous in Sic Bo given that the pay out for a correct prediction is ten to one. There are 6 different doubles which can be predicted. Also the participant can bet several times once it’s his turn to play. If by chance the same number appears on the top face of each of the three dice the player wins his double bet.

The rules of Sic Bo dealing with triple bets

Players of Sic Bo have the possibility to bet on the value of the faces which turn up and also on the numbers shown on each of the dice. In the case of a triple bet there are two possibilities which lead to a win: firstly if the player bets on a specific triple, he must ensure that the three rolled dice have three faces with same number but above all that the number shown coincides with the prediction he made before the dice were rolled. In this case he wins 180 to 1. As there are six possible triples in Sic Bo the player has a wide choice of numbers to choose for each roll. The second possibility is to bet on any triple. In this case the player can only win if the same number comes up on one face among the three rolled dice. In the same way the better doesn’t have to name the number before the dice is rolled. When a triple turns up the player gets a 30 to 1 payout.

The Sic Bo rules covering two dice and three dice bets

As regards the two dice bet the two numbers that the player has said must appear on two dice. That is how he wins his two dice bet. In Sic Bo there are 15 possible two dice combinations and the player can place a two dice bet for each turn. In Sic Bo a two dice bet can be made with three of the six single numbers. For example with the numbers 1, 3 and 5 there can be three two dice bets: 1-3, 1-5 and 3-5.

In the case of a three dice bet the three dice must total the number that the player announced before the dice were rolled. The payout on a winning three dice bet varies according to the total mentioned. The payment range goes from 6 to 1 to 60 to 1 inclusive. 14 types of three dice bets can be worth 4 to 17. However only one three dice bet out of the 14 bets which exist can enable you to win at each turn in Sic Bo.