Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson, his life and his heritage

Born in 1933, Sheldon Adelson is an American billionaire who is listed as the 13th richest man in the world. A good example of a self-made man, he is married to Miriam Ochshorn, a medical doctor who has carried out research on drug addiction and with whom he has 5 children. From a start with a loan of 200 dollars to sell newspapers, he has built his empire by becoming an entrepreneur and by investing in 50 economic activities. He succeeded in investments by launching the computer salon in Las Vegas in 1979.

His first casino-hotel acquisition was the Las Vegas Sands next to which he had a sumptuous conference centre built. In 1996 this building was razed in order to build an ambitious hotel complex: the Las Vegas Venetian. Said to be the largest hotel in the world, it is based on the architecture of Venice and has 7000 suites, shops, restaurants and a large casino. The year 2001 was marked out by the construction in Macau, China of a sumptuous casino: the Macau Venetian.

The Sands Las Vegas and the Venetian Las Vegas

After the sale of Comdex to a Japanese company, Sheldon Adelson concentrated on a new area of activity which he wished to develop: casinos. So he bought the Sands Las Vegas in 1988 for 128 million dollars and invested 150 million dollars to extend and renovate it. An imitation of the city of Venice, the Venetian Las Vegas was built in 1999 to replace the Sands Hotel. Just as in the city of Venice, the architecture includes canals and gondolas.

To welcome visitors to the casino from all over the world, Sheldon Adelson launched the concept of a hotel- casino by building the Palazzo, a 3000 room luxury hotel combining casino games with entertainment, leisure and pleasurable activities such as restaurants, concerts and shopping centres.

The Macau Venetian, the gaming city

Said to be the largest casino in the world, the Macau Venetian covers an area of 920 000 square metres. With an annual turn over of 20 billion euros it is a gigantic building. One would need three days to visit all of it. The Macau Venetian has about 30 000 visitors a day. With such an immense casino room, the casino has almost 4500 slot machines and 850 gaming tables. The complex has, to the delight of its clients, 3000 suites, thirty restaurants and a 15000 seat stadium. A Disneyworld for adults, the casino resembles a sanctuary without daylight which gives it an air of unreality.

The Marina Bay Sands, a glass palace

The Marina Bay Sands is the new acquisition belonging to Sheldon Adelson’s kingdom in Singapore. Besides its casino of three floors situated in a basement, the Marina Bay Sands is a building of millions of square metres, thousands of rooms and employees of many different origins: Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Nepali and Indian. The most famous building in Asia is beautifully transparent and its construction took four long years involving reclaiming hectares from the sea. Since then the Marina Sands has become the privileged destination of billionaire players from all over the world.
The opening of the Sands Macau whose construction cost almost 250 million euros was an exemplary phenomenon of the success of Sheldon Adelson’s casinos. This event attracted 30 000 Chinese people who hurried to the 350 gaming tables and the 800 slot machines. Acting as an excellent, exemplary businessman, Sheldon Adelson doesn’t skimp when investing huge amounts which make a return in record time generating income of billions of dollars.

News about Sheldon Adelson

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