Refusing a Bonus

Refusing a Bonus: reasons why it is better to refuse a bonus

When logging on to an online casino site, the player will generally see the different bonuses and promotional offers offered by the online operator displayed on the site’s home page. To attract players online casinos use their imagination to highlight bonuses, they are presented as a percentage of a given amount or in the form of a large annual amount.

Introduction to the different bonuses

A bonus is a free gift given from a casino to new players or to its members and it comes in the form of a sum of money or gaming time. It is an important marketing tool for online casinos and its aim is to attract several players to discover and test the software and its games, to increase players’ loyalty and to encourage them to bet more.
Online casinos offer free bonuses without a deposit, welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses. The free bonus without a deposit is given to a player on demand without the need for an initial deposit. With this bonus a player can discover the different games and pocket potential winnings. This bonus is usually linked to a maximum gaming time of between 24 and 48 hours. A welcome bonus is credited to a player’s account after registration and the payment of his initial deposit. A loyalty bonus is made up of a VIP bonus or a bonus given to players who usually make large bets.

Conditions linked to a bonus

Even though bonuses are attractive, they are subject to terms and conditions following rules which are clearly outlined on online sites. Each bonus usually comes with three conditions. The first condition is that the player should fulfil the betting conditions such as to bet a certain number of times the amount of the initial deposit and the bonus. In the previous example, if the betting condition is 8 times, the player must have built up a total bet of 320€. The second condition is that the player must make all these bets within a well defined time limit this could be 30, 45, 60 or more days depending on the casino.
The third condition is that only bets placed on certain games are taken into account in the aforementioned calculation. In the majority of casinos the bonus cannot be used in roulette, craps, blackjack, pontoon, heads or tails, sic bo or darts. The games excluded from the bonus vary from one casino to another the player must check them in the bonus use terms and conditions. These games are usually withdrawn from those allowed for the bonus because they give players quite a high return. A player can refuse to accept a bonus so that he can play all the types of games available on the site and use his winnings as he wishes without restrictions or constraint.

Advantages and disadvantages of casino bonuses

With a 100% welcome bonus for example a player can get a 20€ bonus for an initial deposit of 20€ so he has 40€ to gamble. A bonus gives players extra gaming time and thus increases their chances of winning. Even when fulfilling all these conditions it is highly probable that the player will lose much more money than he will win. Also in the case of a player not fulfilling one of these conditions or if he asks for a withdrawal without meeting all the requirements the bonus and his winnings are cancelled. The greatest inconvenience of a bonus is that the player cannot immediately cash in his winnings and he must wait until he has fulfilled all the conditions before asking for a withdrawal. A person who refuses a bonus will have the advantage of being able to use his winnings without having to ask to do so.
The choice of accepting or refusing a bonus is up to the player, he must take into account the amount of the cumulative bet required in relation to the money he is prepared to lose, the types of games which are excluded and the games he plays best. As an example, players who are passionate about slot machines or video poker are more inclined to accept bonuses because the more they play on one armed bandits the more chance they have of getting a winning draw and of winning a high jackpot.