Real Money Mode

Real game version

The real game version is used most frequently by online casino players. As its name implies, the bets are placed in real money and not artificial money like in fun mode.

Why register in real mode?

Generally real game mode is accessible through software downloaded and installed onto one’s computer; which only takes about ten minutes. The installed software is like the doorway to all of the online casino’s games and the real mode is the version to choose if one wishes to participate in all of these games. Also there is the possibility to play with money, to win jackpots and to receive winnings in real money, in contrast to the fun game mode where one plays with artificial money just for the pleasure of playing and not for the attraction of winning.

One could say that the real game mode is more suitable for confirmed players rather than beginners as the risk of losing money is constantly present no matter what the level of the player’s knowledge. In fact even though the chance factor is very important, it’s been proven more than once that experience has been of benefit for a lot of titled champions in casino games. It’s why beginners don’t dare opt for the real game mode and why fun mode is more suitable for them. Real mode doesn’t allow any room for error because real money is in play and there could be major losses. Also with a low level of play the player risks losing a lot of money.

How to register in real mode on online casinos

The method of signing in may vary from one site to another but in most cases one must download and install gaming software and then fill in a form to create a player account. The download link is often clearly displayed on the site and one just has to click on it to start the process automatically. The download takes a few minutes and the procedure is validated with a few clicks; it’s the same to install the software on the PC. Once this is done the registration form appears it contains basic information like the client’s name, his email and postal addresses, the details on an official piece of ID etc. When the player has supplied all the required information he must protect his account with a password and choose a pseudonym which he will use to connect to each game.

The last stage in the registration is connecting one’s account and making a deposit into it in real money depending on the minimum amount required by the site. Generally this minimum amount varies between 10 to 25 euros. In order to top up his player account the client must use the payment methods accepted by the chosen site: credit card, bank draft and different electronic purses make up the choices available. It should be noted that certain payment methods give an extra bonus, a bonus which is added to the welcome bonus which casinos usually offer during registration.

Advantages and disadvantages of the real game mode

For a novice player registering in the real version will only cause inconvenience because without enough experience in the area he could lose a lot of money which he would probably never be able to regain. Also for people at risk such as those who suffer from exhaustion, depression or other negative symptoms, the real game mode carries an enormous risk of becoming addicted to gambling because it may be difficult for them to control themselves.

In spite of this we mustn’t forget that there are many advantages to using the real game version; in fact thanks to this game mode several lucky players have been able to win millions of euros. Others have succeeded in qualifying for internationally renowned tournaments such as the WSOP (World Series Of Poker) or the WPT (World Poker Tour). To crown it all, as well as being able to win exceptional real money jackpots, real game mode allows one to benefit from live dealers and to access all of the games available on the site. It also gives access to the bonus and promotions programmes.