Playing for Fun

The characteristics of the fun game mode

There are two ways of signing up on online casinos: real game mode and fun or demonstration game mode. The latter is specific to online casinos and isn’t found in actual casinos where one must always bet real money. The fun or free mode was developed for those who don’t wish to invest their own money. The casino offers them imitation money or free chips so that these internet users can benefit from the games offered on the site. Generally the fun mode version is available after downloading the software. The stages in downloading and signing up are the same as in the real game. On the other hand banking details aren’t necessary. After having downloaded the software the player has the right to use all of the options available on the site without any obligation.


Depending on the games offered by the site he can enjoy table games, cards, slot machines and other machines including video poker. Blackjack, poker, keno, baccarat and other games are all available to him. Fun mode has been developed for several types of players whether it’s a beginner who wants to gain more experience in handling cards or for amateurs or professional players who want to check out the quality of the site.

The main advantages and disadvantages of signing up in fun mode

The free mode of signing up offers more advantages than disadvantages depending on the type of player. A beginner player can, thanks to fun mode, discover the basic rules of the game and bet without worrying and fearing any loss. Also he can improve his game in order to gain confidence and experience and then try betting real money afterwards. With fun mode one doesn’t risk becoming addicted to gambling and also there is no problem dealing with a budget.

As for professional players, choosing fun mode allows them to visit any new site in depth, to test the speed of handling and to become familiar with the options with the aim of signing up. On the other hand, players who seek to win won’t be at all interested in the demo version which doesn’t offer a real money jackpot and which doesn’t give players bonuses or promotions. As regards casinos which offer Playtech software, fun mode doesn’t give access to games with a live dealer.

Signing up in fun mode in online casinos

Since it is the easiest thing to do, signing up in fun mode doesn’t involve financial procedures which can sometimes be complicated. As a result one does not have to provide banking details. After connecting to the site, the player provides basic information like name and surname, his telephone number and his postal and email addresses. Information such as his date of birth and sex may also be sought. On most gaming sites registration must be done after downloading and installing the game’s software on one’s computer.


Downloading and installation generally don’t take any more than about ten minutes. For security reasons when the player identifies himself on the platform he must provide a password. Since games in fun mode can have players in a network each player must specify the country from which he is connected. After having followed all the procedures well the player is given chips and imitation money without charge so that he can test the games of his choosing.