Paysafecard, a secure alternative payment method

Advances in new technologies have enabled the development of many payment methods which can be used for online purchases. After ten years of use, the Paysafecard has become one of the most frequently used payment methods for fans of online money games.

A review of the Paysafecard

An Austrian engineer was the creator of the Paysafecard in 2000. Two years of refining were necessary before it was marketed in Germany. Paysafecard’s popularity began in 2003 when it became available in the majority of Austrian and German sales outlets. It was in 2004 that Paysafecard’s growth began because 1500 shops and virtual casinos validated this payment method. Paysafecard increased in popularity and conquered other European markets. Different countries such as France, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Holland are among the 17 European countries which accept this online payment method. In 2008 Paysafecard was recognised as a financial company and received a certificate of approval from the British authorities. Consumer demand is such that more than 200000 outlets sell Paysafe cards.

How to acquire a Paysafecard

There is a special website to publicise this payment method. Those who are interested will find a guide showing the different sales outlets for prepaid Paysafecards. The consumer has the possibility of choosing the shop, newsagent or service station near his home where he can buy a Paysafecard. This payment method is sold in 6 different currencies. You should note that only the sales outlets listed in the directory on the Paysafecard site are approved and reliable. Also these different sales outlets will only sell Paysafecards to over 18s. So it is useful to have id to buy a Paysafecard. However it’s also possible to buy a Paysafecard on the web. It is in the form of an online PIN.

How a Paysafecard works

The Paysafecard is sold in different formats such as a plastic card, an electronic receipt, or an online PIN. The format or the value of the card doesn’t make any difference as they are used in the same way. Paysafecards which are tickets are as valid as online PINs on virtual gaming sites. Having a bank account and filling in one’s financial details on a form aren’t essential if you wish to use a Paysafecard. A 16 figure code is visible on the ticket or the back of the Paysafecard and this code is used to make the payment. So once the internet user is on the payment page of the online casino or other shop he should click on the button corresponding to payment by Paysafecard. The 16 figure code should be entered into the designated space and the internet user must also indicate the amount he wishes to use. If the value of the Paysafecard is above the amount of the payment the difference will be returned to the owner of the card in the form of a new PIN code. Also several codes can be accumulated to transfer money on the internet. Once the amount to be withdrawn has been validated the transaction can take place.

The advantages of paying by Paysafecard

The main advantage of payment by Paysafecard is the anonymity of the user. In fact no personal or banking details are required when using a Paysafecard. On the other hand this alternative payment method is of interest to online players as it allows one to limit one’s gaming budget. The Paysafecard can also be advantageous in that certain money gaming sites reward players who make their deposit using this payment method. As well as this, the availability of the Paysafecard in several currencies and the possibility to change it to the currency used in the virtual casino is another advantage of this means of payment. Finally, security and the simplicity of its use make Paysafecard the most popular alternative payment method for internet users.


News about Paysafecard

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