Pay online with a Paypal account

Paypal is an online payment method belonging to Ebay, one of the leading internet shopping sites. As a general rule, payment via a Paypal account is the best method as recommended by almost all sales sites for buying products and services online. Paypal functions in the same way as all the other virtual banks or e-currencies, the only difference being that it is used less often on online sport betting sites. Nevertheless some bookmakers do allow the use of a Paypal account.

The idea behind a virtual bank or e-currency is the transfer of money from your real account to a virtual account to allow you to make payments online. So thanks to your Paypal account you can buy online or make bets on selected sports events. If you use a Paypal account on a sports betting site for example, your winnings will appear on your virtual account and can you can withdraw them by transferring the virtual amount to your real bank account. Betters are generally advised to open a virtual account before betting online in order to facilitate transactions concerning betting payments as well as withdrawals of winnings.

Opening a Paypal account

To open a Paypal account, you need to go to the site and choose the “Open an account” option on the drop down menu. Once you have clicked on the button for this option, several sections will appear to allow you to choose from three types of account: business, premier or personal. If you wish to use your Paypal account to register on an online sport betting site it’s best to choose a personal account. To do this click on the “For personal users” section, then complete with your personal details, to finish click the “Accept and create account” button. Once the page is updated you can click on the “Link to bank account” button. You supply your bank details so that the transfer of funds can take place. To finalise the setting up of your account you just click the “Continue” button and to check your email account to verify that the account has been created. Finally, you need to know that Paypal guarantees the confidentiality and the security of bank details supplied by users on the site.

Opening a Paypal personal account is free. Also no charge will be made if you wish to transfer money from an existing Paypal account to your new account. On the other hand if you wish to transfer money from your real bank account to your Paypal account the transaction will cost 1 euro if the sum deposited or withdrawn is less than 100 euros. If the sum transferred is over 100 euros the transaction is completely free. In addition it’s always possible for you to change your type of account once you have become familiar with the workings of the Paypal payment system.

Certain online casinos authorise payment by Paypal

Even though Paypal isn’t the most sought after payment method by online casinos, it must be said that there are some famous online gaming sites (sport betting, online poker and virtual casinos) which authorise it. Several well known bookmakers accept transactions by Paypal just as they do from virtual banks specialising in betting payments for online games.