What is the pay out casino?

What is the pay out casino?

The pay out casino is, as its name suggests, a percentage of the casino’s refund to players. Land based casinos are obliged to refund a percentage of players’ bets to players. So, for example, the refund rate of land based casinos could be at a minimum of 88% for table games (baccarat, roulette, blackjack) and at 85% for slot machines. In this case if a player bets 100€ in a slot machine 85€ would be refunded to players, 15€ will go to the casino.Land based casinos are regularly inspected by certified technicians and each slot machine is scrupulously checked so that the refund rate follows the regulations. It is impossible to tamper with slot machines or to make them “spit out” all of the chips without the management knowing about it.Land based casinos are frequently inspected and none of the casino groups or independents can pass through the inspection net. The Racing and Gaming inspectors are very strict about the refund principle so that players are guaranteed utmost reliability in casinos.

The Refund Rate in Online Casinos

As you may have noticed, thepay out in all online casinos is much higher than in land based casinos. This difference can be explained by the fact that running costs are much lower in an online casino than in a real casino. In fact, even though refund levels can go up to 92% in an actual casino in an online casino the rates can be up to 98%. An online casino has much lower costs than a real casino due to the absence of rent to pay, of staff costs (dealers, cleaning and security staff, restaurant and bar staff etc) not forgetting a part of the gross income from gaming which is paid to the local authorities as tax.

It is not unusual to find table and card games in an online casino refunding more than 94% and 98% for slot machines. It is important to note that online casinos are inspected by independent organisations such as Technical Systems Testing whose logo is displayed by a good few casinos. These organisations verify the pay out casino and some casinos display the rate every month to prove their reliability.

The pay out casino is not standardised and varies from one game to the next. Baccarat does not have the same payout as blackjack or roulette. Slot machines are, as a general rule, the most generous due to the fact that they are the most sought after game by online casino players.

Of itself the pay out casino isn’t a fundamental criteria for the choice of an online casino and other selection criteria are much more important such as the range of games, the software or the response of customer service.