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Online casino


Tested and approved by our team, the list of online casinos provided in our guide is reliable. The web is overrun with casinos and it is difficult to distinguish between serious casinos and those which leave a lot to be desired. Our draconian selection criteria aim to save you time and we have selected and classified the best online casinos for you.All that remains for you to do is to choose from among the casinos which we offer you.

The Emergence of Online Casinos
Online casinos have existed since the end of the 90s but they really took off in the years after 2000. Groups like Playtech, 888 and Microgaming were the first to provide software offering high quality casino games. Slot machines, baccarat, roulette, video poker, scratch cards, craps and keno. All the games available in real casinos were accessible online. Since then the rush to play casino games has continued due to the ease of access and the reliability of the groups involved some of whom have a European licence, in particular a Maltese licence which has a very good reputation in the world of gaming.

High Tech Online Casinos

The online casino industry continues to develop by offering ever more sophisticated casino games. Slot machine graphics have improved radically with more entertaining themes and some programmes incorporate 3d technology. So now it is possible to be in the centre of the action with wonderful graphics and high quality sound effects. The leader in this area is still 7red Casino which offers marvellous 3d slot machines.Advances in technology have also contributed to attracting even more players to online casinos in particular with live dealers. In fact, a few years ago, casinos did offer games with live dealers but the setting was dreary and didn’t encourage one to enter. Now it is nothing like that, one just has to visit Celtic Casino to see a pleasant gaming setting with amazing real live female dealers. Professional and polite, the female dealers, filmed by webcam, are every bit as good as their colleagues in casinos in Monaco, Las Vegas or Macau.

Online Casinos, entertainment on a level with any other

Online gaming has become more professional and online casinos are still the main place to go for entertainment and to win money. Of course one must be reasonable and set a budget before getting involved just like in real casinos. Online casinos offer very attractive bonuses unlike land based casinos which don’t offer anything except a free drink or meal to high roller players.Nowadays, online casinos are places of entertainment on a par with their real counterparts. Playing in an online casino has become a pastime just like going to check one’s lottery ticket or betting slip or even sitting at an online poker table. Enjoyment is just a click away, day or night, without the constraints of real casinos: the smoking ban, tedious travel, weather conditions etc. Technology has changed the way people think and playing in a casino or at poker has become a part of everyday life for millions of players.



News about Online Casino

  • Japanese government close to passing draft gambling legislation Japanese government close to passing draft gambling legislationEarly in December the Japanese parliamentary session for 2013 will end and political supporters of the proposed legislation to legalise casinos fear that this bill may not be passed. The government is made up of the Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner, New Komeito. It is the New Komeito party which has expressed concern ... Read More
  • Portugal to liberalise its online gambling market Portugal to liberalise its online gambling marketFollowing after several other European countries, Portugal is considering opening up its online gambling market. At the moment the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa has the monopoly of legal internet gambling in the country. The Portuguese government has thought of regulating the online gambling market for some time now and could, according to a ... Read More
  • Even more online casinos blacklisted in Belgium Even more online casinos blacklisted in BelgiumThe Belgian government passed the Gaming Act of 1999 which set out the requirements for offering casino games, poker and betting in the country. This act also made clear that any operator either in a land based or online casino must hold a Belgian gaming licence if they wish to offer their services to Belgian ... Read More
  • Moratorium on Casinos in Italy is passed Moratorium on Casinos in Italy is passedThe motion by Italy’s Northern League political party to place a moratorium on any new online or land based gambling businesses in Italy was supported by the country’s Senate. The government was defeated by quite a large majority since there is widespread concern in the country at the extremely rapid expansion in gambling and the ... Read More
  • Greek Protectionist Attitude to Online Gambling Questioned Greek Casinos continue to sufferThere has been much dissatisfaction with several European countries which it is felt are breaching European Union laws concerning online gambling. Greece is one of these countries which attracts complaints against its actions in the online gambling sector, which are looked upon as being protectionist. This situation has been going on for quite a while. ... Read More
  • The Present Situation and the Future of Online Gambling in the United Kingdom The Present Situation and the Future of Online Gambling in the United KingdomAt the moment under the 2005 Gambling Act, only online casino operators who hold a European Union gambling from certain countries along with holders of licences from Gibraltar, Malta, Antigua, Alderney and the Isle of Man among others are permitted to offer their services to British internet gamblers. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has “whitelisted”  ... Read More
  • Casinos may become legal in Japan Japanese government close to passing draft gambling legislationAt the moment casinos are not legal in Japan but that may change over the coming years. A group of over a hundred lawmakers from several Japanese political parties have come together to work on making casino gambling legal in the country. They hope to introduce laws towards the end of this year to allow ... Read More
  • Ontario Lottery and Gambling Corporation to set up online gambling this year Ontario Lottery and Gambling CorporationSeven of Canada’s provinces have introduced regulated online gaming and Ontario is to join these by the end of this year. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation set in motion in 2010 the process of choosing a company to develop its online gambling sector. The site will be set up to cater specifically to online ... Read More
  • Belgian Online Gambling Blacklist Gets Longer Belgian Gaming CommissionThere is much controversy surrounding a blacklist of online gambling web sites compiled by the Belgian Gaming Commission. To date there are 69 online gambling sites which are banned in the country and the Belgian Gambling Commission doesn’t intend to stop there, more websites will be added to the blacklist over time. The Belgian government ... Read More
  • New Italian Regulator says there will be no new tax on internet gambling Luigi Magistro New Italian RegulatorAt a recent internet gambling meeting organised in Belgium by the European Social and Economic Committee, the new chief executive officer of the Italian gambling regulator made the announcement that no new taxes will be placed on online gambling in Italy. Luigi Magistro of the Amministrazione Autonoma Monopoli di Stato (AAMS) also claimed that taxes ... Read More