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Casinos on a Mac

The world of online casinos caters for all players equipped with a Pc or Mac computer or a smartphone.  In fact whether using a PC or laptop computer or a new generation telephone, players who are fans of casino games can access their favourite game from any computer. Online casinos make casino games available to players with Macs just as they do to owners of PCs. Nowadays internet users are more and more often equipped with Macs and they can access slot machines, blackjack tables, roulette and baccarat not forgetting scratch cards and games of Keno. Even though all online casinos offer casino games on PCs the same cannot be said for Macintosh owners. There are many online casinos which make their games available on Macs but unfortunately not all casinos do this.The technology needed to be compatible with Mac computers is more complex than for PC computers and online casinos don’t do all they could to attract all internet users. For example Top Game software doesn’t offer casino games accessible to Mac users unlike Playtech and Microgaming casinos which are compatible. It all comes down to a question of each online casino operator’s investment and strategy.

It is possible to play in an online casino on a Mac computer and the graphics are similar to those available on a PC. The company with the apple logo has become more widely known and in the future all casinos on the web should offer their services to all internet users on PC or Mac.

We have tested for you the best online casinos accessible on a Mac and we recommend the casinos in the table below. We can guarantee an optimal game level within a top of the range environment.