Why is customer service so important?

Why is customer service so important?Online casino customer service plays an essential role for players. Being the only link with players, it serves as an interface between the casino and the player and therefore online casinos cannot afford to have an unprofessional customer service. Customer service which doesn’t respond in real time to a live chat, which takes 3 days to reply to an email or whose telephone line is constantly occupied are all signs of a poor quality online casino customer service. In fact it is important to check out the customer service since some casinos mislead players by claiming to have customer service available day and night. Whereas on verification it turns out that support is not available at night or that there is only one operator available for several players who require assistance.Customer service encompasses many roles including replying to players’ questions but also to chase them up with offers of enticing casino bonuses. This is called the retention service whose aim is to keep casino players loyal and to make them offers of interesting bonuses or slot machines tournaments or trips to win. In fact once he is registered a player receives loyalty offers depending on his loyalty and his consistency in gaming and according to his VIP rating he will receive special offers to access his favourite game. As a general rule, these bonuses are granted for slot machines or video poker games and cash back bonuses are most often restricted to traditional games such as baccarat, blackjack or roulette tables. However do be careful as everything depends on the online casinos and some offer bonuses for table and card games or cash back on slot machines.

Customer service is an indication of a casino’s professionalism and reliability particularly as regards withdrawal of winnings. In fact a player who does not receive his winnings within the time stated in the casino’s terms and conditions is right to ask questions about the casino in which he is playing. Customer service can deal with any delays in payment and can contact the accountant to find out the reasons for any payment delay. Customer service is an essential part of a casino’s reliability and can be an indicator of its level of seriousness.

The casinos in our guide provide players with good, professional, pragmatic customer service. We have tested these online casinos at different times in order to check for ourselves that what was written on their site was true. The only snag with this test is that customer service agents change according to a rota and everything depends on several variables in order to give an objective opinion of online casinos’ customer service. Personally, we dealt with agents who replied to our questions in a professional manner within a reasonable time limit. But it all depends on the number of players, on certain technical problems and on the amount of agents available when help is needed.

Online casinos invest heavily in their customer service in order to provide players with an optimum service both in the quality and speed of the response. The time of a customer service limited to just a few agents is well over, nowadays the major online casino groups have teams which work in 3 shifts (the famous 3 times 8 hours). Often customer service is made up of about thirty people per language which can run to hundreds of agents if the casino is international and accessible in several languages.