Online Payment with Neteller

Neteller is an online payment solution commercial brand launched in 1999. This virtual wallet belongs to the Neteller Ltd company, a London stock market listed company, regulated by the Financial Services Authority ( FSA), a British regulatory organisation. Like most virtual wallets, Neteller uses e-currency, a monetary unit which has its own exchange rate in relation to other currencies like the dollar or the euro.

How Neteller functions

Neteller can provide all the services offered by real banks: opening an account, funding an account, transferring money to other accounts or to real bank accounts, online purchases, transfers to gaming accounts and cash withdrawals. Thanks to the great advances in security made by telecommunications technology, carrying out financial transactions on the internet is as safe as depositing your money in the bank. Online wallets are also quick and easy to use. If you have questions or requests a qualified and professional customer service team accessible by email, telephone and live chat is available to you 24/7.
It is simple to use Neteller. You just have to register for free on the Neteller site and to complete some details about your identity. At the same time you provide information concerning your bank accounts. Once the creation of your account has been validated you can use it. You have the choice of several methods to fund your Neteller account: bank transfer, credit card, cheque etc. Withdrawing cash from your Neteller account can be carried out in the same way.

One thing which marks out the difference and superiority of Neteller in comparison with other alternative payment solutions is the use of Mastercards. Neteller offers you the possibility to recharge and to use these cards from your account. You only need to use the card to make your withdrawals. This is even more attractive when one is aware that there are over 26 million Mastercard withdrawal points in the world. So wherever you go you will always be able to withdraw money from your Neteller account using your Mastercard.
Finally it’s worth knowing that the cost of your account and transactions on Neteller are very reasonable. If a transaction isn’t free it generally carries a tiny percentage charge based on the sum involved. But the most important thing for players is to know that deposits into your gaming account and cash withdrawals to your casino are completely free as well as being instant.

The advantages of Neteller for online players

Neteller offers several obvious advantages to online players. Firstly, using your Neteller account already gives you more security for your private details. Neteller is the only operator which knows your bank details. When you are going to register with an online casino or bookmaker you will no longer need to look up this confidential information.

Neteller also offers you incomparable convenience when using it. From your computer you can place your bets, bet on games and make purchases. No need to run around making different payments. It’s even more attractive for players who take part in live dynamic games. Placing bets is very easy and very quick. Using a Neteller account in an online casino involves being able to carry out operations at a very low cost. There are no deposit or withdrawal costs everything is free and instant. You will no longer need to wait a week before receiving your winnings cheque. You just have to order a withdrawal into your Neteller account and from there withdraw your money from a Mastercard ATM.

To conclude, it should be noted that Neteller is one of the payment solutions used by online casinos. So using Neteller for your transactions generally gives you a bonus of 10 to 15%  of the amount of your deposit, an extra amount which will add to your gaming account and increase your chance of winning. Almost all online casinos offer this type of bonus.


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