Neosurf card

The Neosurf Card

Neosurf is one of the payment methods which one can find on various cash gaming sites which allows clients to credit their accounts. This payment method isn’t among the most frequently used but does represent an important part of all transactions. One can buy the Neosurf prepaid card in newsagents, bookshops or at news stands.

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a prepaid card for which you can choose the amount. One can have cards for 150 euros, 30 euros, 50 euros and 100 euros. There are also 10 and 20 euro cards available for underage users but which cannot be used on different cash gaming sites since these are prohibited for minors.
Clients who have a Neosurf card can avail of different services for free. Firstly, it’s possible like with a bank account to have access to certain information such as one’s balance. One can also see a statement of one’s deposits. In certain situations the user can transfer the remaining amount onto the next card if it is out of date. You have 6 months to use a card.

All sorts of services are available to holders of a Neosurf card. These include various offers such as free game downloads, or ring tones for your telephone or online games which allow one to win prizes. Also Neosurf clients benefit from music downloads and even sheet music. These offers are only available to Neosurf clients. The Neosurf card is mainly used in France and in French speaking countries including several countries in Africa and just recently in Spain.

The advantages and use of a Neosurf card

Not only is using a Neosurf card practical and very easy but it also has many advantages. So when one wishes to use one’s Neosurf card to credit one’s casino account one just has to scratch the back of the card to reveal a personal code. This code will always be the same for your different deposits. An online casino client should go to the section which allows him to select a payment method. After having clicked on “Pay with Neosurf” he can enter his personal code in the space provided. You just need to validate and you can access the amount deposited.
There are many advantages to using one’s Neosurf card to carry out transactions to an online casino. Firstly, as we already mentioned, it is extremely easy to use. One just has to provide the casino with one’s secret code to credit the online casino account. The easy transfer of this code is much more advantageous when compared to a more classic payment method like a credit card. In fact to use the latter one must provide bank details and also different documents which allow the user to be identified.

The Neosurf card offers complete security to all fans of online casinos who decide to use it thanks to encryption and checks on IP addresses. Paying for one’s casino use with a Neosurf card is like as if you paid in cash. In fact the amount of your card is decided on when you buy it and so you withdraw the amount that you wish to deposit into your account. By acting in this way you remain completely anonymous. You will have the peace of mind of not having had to give account numbers or other bank details. The last advantage is that when you credit your account for the first time with your Neosurf card you will receive a bonus which could be up to 100% of the sum you deposited.