Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo casino has a world wide reputation and within its confines certain famous international poker tournament finals take place. It is one of the most luxurious and most prestigious casinos to be found and its architecture is in the baroque style. It is in a lush green setting overlooking the Mediterranean on the Côte d’Azur, in Monaco to be exact, in the centre of Monte Carlo near the Hotel de Paris. The Monte Carlo casino was opened in 1865 and the opening ceremony was carried out by Prince Charles III of Monaco and by the “magician of Monte Carlo” or François Blanc. This casino is part of the “Société de Bains de Mer de Monte Carlo”. If a player wishes to go there to gamble he can travel on the A8 motorway or he can arrive by plane landing in Nice and after taking the sea road for 20 minutes he will arrive in the casino. To view this casino one can look up its website.

Table games in the Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo casino is one of the best casinos for table games. In fact what it offers is the most complete and most prestigious in the whole of Europe. One can find the following table games there: punto banco, “chemin de fer”, “ 30/40 , “la banque à deux tableaux”, craps, blackjack, English roulette and French roulette. Punto banco is a version of baccarat, it is from South America and is also called mini-baccara. “Chemin de fer” and “ la banque à deux tableaux” are also versions of baccara. Craps is a very animated and exciting game for players, it is a dice game. The most sought after game which symbolises the elegance of the Monte Carlo casino is European roulette. English roulette is a version of the latter, the difference between them being that in English roulette the number of players cannot surpass 9 and each player has chips of his own colour. In the Monte Carlo casino these games are spread over tables in six rooms.


The “white room” is open to the public each day at 2pm. The “Europe Salon” opens at the same time and one can play English and European roulette, 30/40 and punto banco there. The “Americas Room” is available from 2pm to play craps, blackjack and American roulette. The “private salons” are open from 10pm for 30/40 and from 5PM for “la banque à deux tableaux”. In the private rooms one can also play punto banco, chemin de fer, European roulette and blackjack every Sunday, bank holiday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm. “Super private” rooms are available on request. The Atrium is open from 2pm every day and entry is open to anyone over 18 years of age.

Slot machine games in the Monte Carlo casino

The slot machines in the Monte Carlo casino have been updated. The slot machine winnings in this casino are not subject to any restraint and its payout levels are high. Every slot machine has its own rules and theme and in total the player has a selection of 1160 slot machines available to him. The casino offers different methods of playing from which the player may choose, these are multipliers, multi line and pay by coin. The roller machines in the Monte Carlo casino were designed to allow players to decide themselves on the gaming strategy to apply: cumulative jackpot, multi lines or multipliers.

As regards the other types of slot machines there are video poker, video rollers, multi games, ”Stand Alone” cumulatives, “WAP” cumulatives and “Lined” cumulatives. But the following are exclusive to the casino: Cash Fever, Party Time, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Gold, Red Hot Jackpot, Elvira, Star Wars, Harley Davidson and Hot Shot. Other new games are also offered by the casino such as electronic roulette and Xtreme Derb.