Monaco casinos

Monaco, a very famous gaming centre

The second smallest state in the world after the Vatican, the Principality of Monaco is in the south-east of France. Also known as “The Rock” since it has an area of just about 2 square kilometres, Monaco is known for its Formula 1 Grand Prix, its Tennis Open and the International Circus Festival etc. But Monaco is also a favoured destination for fans of games of chance and cash games since it has several world wide reknowned casinos. The Rock is also known for luxury goods. It must be said that with the current laws (no wealth tax, income tax or capital gains tax) Monaco is the ideal place for celebrities or wealthy Europeans. As the major share holder in the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), the Monegasque state controls this very fruitful sector. To play and win in casinos is a perfectly legal activity in Monaco and is open to people of over 18 years of age.

The Best Casinos in Monaco

Thanks to the SBM, Monaco can boast having five luxury casinos: the Monte Carlo Casino, the Sun Casino, the Summer Casino, the Bay Casino and the Café de Paris Casino. Each of these casinos has its own speciality. Listed at number one in the polls the Monte Carlo Casino dates from the 19th century. Divided into several rooms with the White Room, the European Salon, the Atrium, the Touzet Room, it offers a complete range of table games including roulette, Punto Banco, Craps and Blackjack. It also has the very latest in slot machines.
Opened in 1975, the Sun Casino is the first choice for British players. Renovated in 2001, it has an impressive total of 300 slot and video poker machines. Games such as Stud poker, American roulette and craps are available in the Sun Casino. Thanks to its poker room this casino has become the leader in terms of poker and prestigious tournaments.

The summer Casino is particularly popular for its traditional games. English roulette, French roulette, Chemin  de Fer, craps, Punto Banco, banque à deux tableau and other games await players. Players must show id to gain entry to the casinos.

The SBM’s fourth casino in Monaco, the Bay Casino has 150 new generation slot machines. By using the Easy Pay system the casino helps players avoid having to go to the pay station to get more tokens. To maintain its establishments’ good reputation and high class, the SBM insists that players dress appropriately.

120 years in existence, the Café de Paris Casino is a real Monaco landmark. With its area of 13000 square metres it welcomes its clients into a modern, perfectly decorated environment. Even if it still suffers from comparison with the Monte Carlo Casino, the Café de Paris Casino has an interesting range of games. With 500 slot machines it is the regional leader. Video poker, roller machines, multi-game machines…all types are available.

Relaxation and entertainment between games in Monaco

To benefit fully from the casinos in Monaco it is highly recommended that players be in good form. Spending too much time there could cause a loss of concentration and quality of gaming leading to guaranteed losses. That’s why as the main gaming centre in the Mediterranean, Monaco must also take care of its players. A visit to the Monte-Carlo Hydrotherapy Centre or the Monte-Carlo Spa would be of great benefit to fans of games of chance and cash games. Fitness, yoga, saunas, massages, hot baths and Jacuzzis will revive and prepare players for even more intense gaming. The “Rock” also has some bars such as Jimmy’z, the Blue Gin and the Sea Lounge where one can spend a pleasant evening after some games in the town’s casinos.


News about Monaco Casinos

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