MGM Grand Casino

Las Vegas MGM Grand

The Las Vegas MGM Grand has a worldwide reputation. It was built in the United States, in Nevada, in Las Vegas, a city in which the cash gaming industry is going through a period of exceptional growth. Better known under the name of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, it has merged with a luxury 4 star hotel offering a prestigious complex of over 5000 bedrooms. The service is exceptional with very helpful staff and observes the principle of “The Client is king”. The MGM Grand’s casino is one of the reasons why the establishment is so popular. The casino activities are the main draw for tourists complemented by the presence of gastronomic restaurants with worldwide reputations, popular night clubs as well as many opportunities for entertainment including that offered by the Cirque du Soleil, the Hollywood Theatre and the Grand Garden Arena.

The MGM Grand Casino is a convivial establishment where members of the jet set and American high society who are passionate about cash games and games of chance meet. Several stars are also among the casino’s loyal clients who take part in the various activities on offer in the complex. These include David Copperfield and the famous Madonna. Generally one goes there to have a pleasant time and so why not attempt to win a major jackpot while one is there?

Activities offered by the Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino

The MGM Grand casino in the city of Las Vegas and more specifically on the Strip offers year round entertainment. With all that is on offer around the establishment, the casino part of the hotel is attracting more and more clients who come to be added to the list of its loyal members. Its neighbour to the north, the Tropicana casino offers practically the same games and the same extremely entertaining activities. The same applies to the other hotels which are linked to the establishment by the Las Vegas Monorail network. The area dedicated to cash games in the Las Vegas MGM Grand is one of the largest in the city.

In total more than 15 000 square metres have been carefully fitted out with gaming tables and the rooms offer the full casino range. The place is always full and fans of traditional casino games like blackjack, poker and several other table games take it in turns to try to win the major winnings on offer. An exceptional amount of 3000 slot machines is available at any hour of the night. Among these slot machines there are cumulative jackpot machines, which linked to several other machines offer amounts which easily surpass a million dollars. To enter the MGM Grand Casino one must present id and be suitably attired and also not have been banned from gambling.

The strong features of the Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino

Just as in any luxurious establishment, the MGM Grand staff constantly takes care of its clients.  Frequent casino visitors are guided according to their need and new clients are thus never completely lost. The most regular clients have access to offers reserved for loyal clients and the staff takes care of their every need. To provide even more comfort, waiters and waitresses walk among the slot machines offering refreshing drinks. Not far from the gaming area, restaurants, bars and lounges provide tables and chairs for relaxation as well as menus created by famous chefs for those who wish to have a bite to eat.

The dealers are trained to provide the best for the clientele. They are complete professionals and they aim to encourage clients to return. Many clients decide to stay and they opt for either one of the fully fitted rooms or suites situated within the casino complex. This allows them to be close to their favourite activity and they can also benefit from the other relaxing areas and entertainments in the MGM Grand.