Mandalay Bay Casino

The Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Bay is easy to find since it is situated just opposite the McCarran airport in Las Vegas on the same side as the Luxor Hotel. To be more precise it’s 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard. This hotel- casino complex has thousands of hotel bedrooms, a large casino and other amenities. The Mandalay Hotel is a luxurious 5 star hotel with an Asian theme. This complex is situated in luxurious surroundings and has a mystical architectural style. It belongs to the MGM Mirage group and is spread over an area of 25 hectares. The Mandalay Bay Hotel-Casino has 39 floors and is 480 feet or 146 metres high.

The last four floors are occupied by the Four Seasons Hotel.  The Mandalay Bay is in third place in the world as regards the number of bedrooms coming after the Venetian and the MGM Grand Las Vegas. In total it has 4426 bedrooms of which 3309 are spread over the 39 floors and 1117 which are in the recent extension added by the owner. It must be noted that only people over the age of 21 may reserve a room in the Mandalay Bay. The rooms are comfortable and each one is equipped with an iron and ironing board, a separate shower, a hair dryer, a dressing gown, an alarm, a telephone with two lines, cable television, air conditioning and many other facilities.

The casino and other entertainment in the Mandalay Bay

You will find several types of games in the Mandalay Bay. The complex has dedicated 12,541 square metres to gaming and this casino has an Asian (Burmese) style architecture and decor. Players will find all the famous casino games such as craps, baccarat, poker, blackjack, slot machines etc. There are about 2200 slot machines and 120 gaming tables in the hotel’s casino.

As well as the casino, which is one of the main attractions for tourists to Las Vegas, the establishment also offers its clients several attractions and types of entertainment. This entertainment includes a theatre which regularly has new shows. The complex also has a large aquarium in which one can see sharks and other marine animals. Its beach is one of the best in Las Vegas and this was proven by the prize awarded to it in 2006.

This famous beach is spread over 4.5 hectares and it includes a Lazy river, a wave pool and two heated swimming pools. Players who are passing through can do their shopping in the 36 shops in the shopping centre called Mandalay Place. Those who love adventure and originality can get married in the “Sunrise and Sunset chapels”. Two fitness centres are also available to players to relax in after exciting games in the casino. These are the Bath House Spa and the Mandalay Spa.

Important points to note

Players who plan to go on holiday and to benefit from the games and relaxation in the Mandalay Bay should note that the swimming pools are closed during the winter season. If one decides to stay and to gamble in the Mandalay Bay one must not take along a dog or other pet because they are not allowed into the complex. Arrivals are registered at 3pm and departures at 11am. Players must leave a deposit on their arrival in the hotel.

This deposit can be made by credit card or in cash depending on the choice of the players. In any case id with a photo is always required. If clients make changes to their reservation, they must pay a supplement in particular if it concerns an increase in the number of guests, for example.