Macau casinos

Macau, a gaming capital

Macau is a peninsula situated to the west of Hong Kong in China. An ex-Portuguese colony, Macau reverted to China in 1999 but one can still see signs of the colonisation in the city’s architecture. Macau now has more than 500 000 inhabitants in an area of 16 square kilometres. The main local economic activities are fishing and industry however tourism is a growing sector. Over the last few years Macau has become one of the most important gaming cities on a par with Las Vegas or Monaco.

Macau’s economy is dependent on cash games; in fact 40% of the peninsula’s Gross National Product is provided by casinos. Also it is the only Chinese city where cash games are authorised. Because of this many gaming operators are investing in Macau and it is one of the reasons for the rapid growth of the city. Macau has already made its reputation as a city for cash games. Players come from all over the world to be entertained in one of the city’s many casinos. The infrastructure and services linked to these are available at all levels in the city including hotels, restaurants and means of transport.

Some statistics on the cash gaming sector in Macau

Without doubt Macau is one of the world’s leading cash gaming cities and its future looks bright. More than thirty casinos offer their services in Macau including 9 which are open all the time. The main investors in these casinos are americans who collaborate with the Chinese government to set up casinos. Several Las Vegas casinos for example have subsiduaries in Macau including the Venetian which is the largest building in Asia.

Cash games have been legal in Macau for the past 150 years and the city is about to surpass Las Vegas in terms of revenue. In fact, the Macau casinos generate about 15 billion dollars each year which is almost 4 billion per quarter. Among the tens of millions of tourists who pass through Macau annually, a large majority come to gamble. This group is made up of about 55% chinese. The casinos also promote themselves by inviting celebrities to play there. Nowadays Macau is well known as the new international cash gaming capital. In fact the amount of income generated by cash gaming in Macau has reached that of Las Vegas in 2005. At the time this amount was 5.6 billion dollars and nowadays this figure has tripled.

Casinos and Games in Macau

Most of the Macau casinos have been built by American billionaires who wished to expand their business. This was the case of the Venetian which is a larger copy of the establishment of the same name in Las Vegas. This casino has an area of 950 000 square metres and it cost almost 2.5 billion dollars. There are several hundred gaming tables and a hotel complex allows players to relax. The Lisboa is a casino- hotel with more than 6000 rooms and whose casino is very popular with players. The rooms are retro in style and the Lisboa caters for players of different levels. The floating Casino also deserves note among the Macau casinos due to the quality of its service and the great diversity of the games it offers.

It isn’t just casinos that are plentiful in Macau there is also a wide range of games on offer. Needless to say, casino gaming classics such as roulette, craps, poker and blackjack are available. However games of Chinese origin which are less popular in the west are also available in these casinos. These games are mainly aimed at Asian tourists and include pai kao, fan tan, dai siu and mahjong. There is no lack of slot machines in Macau because they are an integral part of every casino. The largest banks of slot machines contain thousands of slots and they are made even more popular due to cumulative jackpots.


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