Live Roulette

Live roulette

What could be better than being in front of a real live dealer sitting at a roulette table in the company of players from all over the world. And the best part is: without even leaving your home! Yes you read correctly! Now it’s possible to play online roulette from any computer in the presence of charming female dealers filmed by webcams which transmit the action and gestures live just as in any land based casino in the world.

Live dealers filmed by webcams

New, always more cutting edge technology allows players seeking excitement to play their favourite games in the presence of real live dealers. No more casino software that displays numbers chosen by chance from games that are over. Now it’s possible to play at a real online roulette table and all you have to do for that is to move your mouse to place the bets on the table and to take part in live roulette games just like in an actual casino. The player can see what is going on at the table and is there live for the roll of the ball and its rotations before stopping on the winning number. Also, what could be better than playing in the presence of female dealers who are as beautiful as the Top Models one sees in women’s magazines (Celtic Casino hasn’t skimped on the selection criteria, they are one more beautiful than the next!)

How to play at an online roulette table

Online casinos have greatly developed over time and technology allows one to access real roulette tables online. So it only takes a few minutes to be in the centre of the action, the online casino requires a quick registration but without the need to download software. In fact casinos offering live games in particular roulette only require you to take two minutes to complete a form. Also a player can access his account from any computer which is very practical when one wishes to play roulette at work or on holiday (you just need to recall your user ID and password).Live casinos (the term used in the gaming industry to indicate casinos offering live games, editor’s note) have drastically simplified the forms so one can enjoy the game without wasting time. In addition, online casinos offer two types of registration: Fun mode to discover the game of roulette and Real Money mode that enables you to make big winnings. Besides this, certain casinos offer cash back bonuses like Celtic Casino which offers a 50% cash back bonus on the first deposit. Once the registration is done all you have to do is take your place at a table and play in the presence of players from all over the world.
DublinBet casino is different in that it offers online roulette tables which are in a real land based casino in Dublin (the Fitzwilliam Card Club). Cameras film what goes on at the table and transmit the atmosphere live to your screen (sometimes the clients could be a bit more elegant…) and you can also benefit from a 100% bonus on your first deposit. All that is left is for you to choose your casino from out selection of Top Live Casinos to appreciate live roulette which will save you having to go to an actual casino and waste time ( in addition, land based casinos don’t offer bonuses and are non smoking!).

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