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The possibility of playing with real professional dealers live is the latest innovation from the Playtech firm’s gaming software. The principle behind the system isn’t complicated. A real dealer directs the online game from the headquarters of the online casino or from a linked office. He acts as if all the players are right in front of him. But instead of eyes watching all his movements several cameras film his actions and gestures. An information team will transfer all the information (players’ requests, cards to draw, supplementary card, amount of the bets, players’ winnings etc) between the dealer and the players. Like in traditional casinos the dealer’s role is subject to strict regulation governing fairness in the games, honesty and integrity. As he works online he is also regulated by games commissions as well as independent audits. Just like in a land based casino, internet users can complain about any problem with the dealer or appeal if there is a court case. Quite a recent innovation, online gaming with live dealers is much sought after by players thanks to the numerous advantages it brings them.

Applications of the system of live dealers

Since the system of live dealers is quite a recent improvement, its application is still quite limited especially as it involves a considerable investment by the virtual casinos. For each table one needs the dealer, the cameras, the information and the extra cost of the transfer of details. That’s why only a few privileged virtual casinos using Playtech software are lucky enough to offer this system to their members.

For the moment only lovers of roulette, blackjack, baccarat or craps can benefit from it because these are the only games available with live dealers. It must also be said that these games offer quite rapid scenes where the appearance of the cards or the sight of the ball which is about to stop engender suspense and emotions. With great interest from players in poker, particularly in Texas Hold’Em it’s likely that this version of poker will also be available with live dealers in the near future. Online casino members particularly like games with live dealers and tables using this system are rarely empty. On the most popular sites there is even a waiting list put in place by the casino.

The advantages of the system of live dealers

The system of live dealers offers players various advantages. Firstly this option offers even more fairness in the games. It’s true that online casinos are regulated by various commissions and audits but seeing a new card appearing, especially when it’s a bad one, without seeing with one’s own eyes that it’s the right one, is quite difficult to accept. With live dealers, players will see clearly that the dealer is really drawing the top card whichever it is. To reassure players even more, online casinos even put a television set near the dealer. So they can look at the same station to see that everything is filmed in real time. Secondly, the sight of a real dealer creates the atmosphere of a real online casino especially with roulette because he will really say the phrases such as “No more bets”. No graphic images or sound system can replace these actions of the game which make roulette unique.

In any case seeing an artificial ball stopping on a losing number isn’t quite as easy to accept. Online casinos also benefit from the system of live dealers as it ensures a very high level of participants at the tables which consequently increases revenue. To offer the system of live dealers is also a sign of quality and prestige for the casino in question. It also shows players the efforts undertaken by the operators to give them the best possible gaming environment just like in a real casino.


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