Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

Playing at a blackjack table in the presence of a real dealer is now possible thanks to online casinos. In fact now new technology allows one to play while sitting calmly at home and also to play in the presence of a real live dealer with players from all over the world all at the same table thanks to webcams which transmit live everything that goes on. Online casinos have set up gaming rooms which are filmed by different cameras which transmit live what is going on at the table. Only the dealer is real as are the table and the cards and the players bet from their homes. A dream.

Online blackjack with a live dealer

Playing at an online blackjack table is the dream of every fan of this card game due to the user friendliness of the gaming area and also to the amount of time saved by not having to travel in order to have the same experience as a player in a land based casino. In fact what could be better than sitting at a real virtual blackjack table and betting in the company of players from all over the world in the presence of a professional female dealer (the casinos usually choose superb female dealers, editor’s note).Accessible in fun mode, online blackjack tables are as good as any in land based casinos in France, Las Vegas or Macau. Apart from the fact that one doesn’t see the players, the experience is exactly the same as in an actual casino with less inconvenience ( travel, the smoking ban, travel costs) and more advantages (casino bonus, comfort of one’s home, access from any computer, accessible 24/7)

How does one play at an online blackjack table?

Online casinos with live dealers don’t have software to download. One just needs to complete a simple form and to choose a user name and a password. Then one only needs to connect to the casino’s site and to fill in one’s details from any computer to be transported to a real casino. At work, at home or from a friend’s you just have to enter your user name and password to access your account and to play at your online blackjack table. The fact that there is no software to install on your computer gives you complete freedom to play wherever you wish!In addition, online casinos offering “live dealers” provide online roulette and online baccarat tables to players and some casinos also offer the possibility of playing poker.If you like to play blackjack in land based casinos there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t be attracted to online blackjack. In addition it would be a pity not to benefit from cash back bonuses (Celtic Casino offers a 50% cash back bonus for the first deposit) or welcome bonuses.

Blackjack Celtic Casino

Screenshot of the Celtic Casino Table