Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

At your computer screen or using an iPad there you are in front of an unbelievably charming female dealer in the company of French, American, Argentinian, South African or Japanese players. Welcome to an online baccarat table! It is possible to play one’s favourite game without even leaving your chair whether you are at home, in an internet café, at work or at a friend’s. In fact there’s no need anymore to go to a land based casino since high technology has made your life easier by bringing the casino to you. Online casinos are specialising in live games in real time where the dealers are filmed by webcams which transmit everything live in real time.

Online Baccarat in Celtic Casino

Celtic Casino is one of the online casinos which have developed cutting edge technology to delight baccarat fans. Celtic casino offers several live games in particular baccarat tables and also online roulette and blackjack. It goes without saying that major players of traditional games can find what they are looking for in this specialist online casino. If you are a fan of table games, Celtic Casino is the best place on the web to access from home tables with live dealers who are mainly female and very charming (Don’t expect to see striptease , these are just beautiful very professional female dealers and not at all provocative, just to clarify matters- editor’s note).Celtic Casino has installed cameras in a gaming room which is not a land based casino as is, for example Dublinbet Casino. In fact Dublinbet is a land based casino accessible on the internet and cameras are trained on several tables including baccarat and other traditional games in the company of clients present in the actual casino as well as virtual players from all over the world. Celtic Casino takes place in a gaming room at an optimal level and fans of baccarat cannot help but be enchanted by this exceptional casino. 

How does one play at an online baccarat table?


Nothing could be easier than playing baccarat online. All you have to do is to click on the banner below and to complete a short form (name, surname, date of birth, email address) and to create an account with a log in name and password of your choosing and then confirm. And that is all!

This account can be accessed from any computer and no software needs to be downloaded to your computer. In addition you can benefit from a 50% cash back bonus on your first deposit if you have lost your bet. So you bet 100 euros at the Celtic Casino online blackjack table and you lost? Celtic casino will undertake to credit 50€ to your account!

The days when one went to land based casinos to indulge one’s passion for gaming are over. Nowadays, the internet has taken over and the level of gaming and adrenalin is similar in one of the online casinos specialising in games with live dealers.

Celtic Casino is the very best place for this type of game. We encourage you to quickly open an account in it to get an idea of what online baccarat is like!