Grand Lisboa Casino

The Particular Features of the Grand Lisboa Casino

In Macau, the Grand Lisboa casino is a distinct feature of the town. The Grand Lisboa Casino deserves its place among the most prestigious hotels in the world. Imposing architecture, a luxurious setting and impeccable service characterise this hotel. As a tourist attraction in the city of Macau the casino attracts visitors from all over the world. The Grand Lisboa makes such an impression in the city of Macau that it is impossible to cross or to visit the city without falling under the charm of its particular architecture.

The structure has the form of lotus flowers painted gold. This building has a casino and a hotel complex. It was opened in 2008. At that time it was the highest building in the city measuring 126 metres. It is admired from the areas surrounding the city especially when it is lit up with thousands of lights at night. We owe the construction of this splendid and imposing building, which is lit up in red and green, to Stanley Ho. It was conceived with the aim of developing the gaming market in the region.

The Grand Lisboa Casino: a real hotel complex

The Grand Lisboa Hotel isn’t far from the airport and the city centre which is full of life. That doesn’t lessen the pleasure one gains from staying in this sumptuous hotel. You will have everything you desire in one of the building’s 650 bedrooms. Luxury and comfort are provided with on demand air conditioning, cable to have the world’s best television stations, beauty products, a bar and even a safe to keep your jewellery and money safe.


Room service is provided by trained staff who fulfil all the clients’ wishes making the hotel the perfect place to stay for those tourists who come to discover the treasures of the city. The hotel complex also includes a fitness centre. The sports lovers among you would surely appreciate a game of squash or a dip in the pool. The restaurant will introduce you to local specialities and its bar offers delicious cocktails. There is a limousine service available for those clients who need to travel around the city.

The Grand Lisboa Casino

Players come from all over to play in the Grand Lisboa. Its doors are open all year round and at all hours of the day and night. The diversity of the games is a strong point of this establishment which has recently become a leader among land based casinos. One can play poker and other games like blackjack and roulette there. One can find all the classic casino games in the Grand Lisboa. The professionalism of its gaming staff is amazing. There are 240 traditional games tables available to fans of casino games. Those who prefer to chance their luck with slot machines will easily find all they need among the 480 machines in the complex. The casino is open to players all the time, day and night.


The number of players reached its height during the Macau Grand Prix. These times are particularly good for playing games with cumulative jackpots given the fact that the amount in the jackpot increases dramatically inline with the number of clients in the hotel. By linking a high class hotel with a casino which serves non- alcoholic drinks to players Stanley Ho has hit two birds with one stone: thwarting the invasion by foreign investors and giving the city a charming building which is a great tourist attraction.