General information on the GPWAFounded in 2001, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association or GPWA is an association whose business is mainly aimed at owners of online gaming portals. Membership of the GPWA is open to the public and to gaming portals and the association has more than 7000 active members. The products and services offered by the GPWA vary according to the type of membership.

The main business of the GPWA

The GPWA’s main business is putting affiliation programmes and webmasters’ portals in touch with each other in order to allow them to establish business partnerships. These partnerships are beneficial to both of the parties involved because they enable them to considerably increase the amount of visitors to their site and also their business income. The GPWA also puts webmasters’ portals in touch with each other so they can exchange their knowledge and experiences in order to develop quickly and efficiently in the online gaming industry.

Products and services offered by GPWA to gaming portals

Any online gaming portal specialising in casinos, poker rooms, backgammon, bingo, sport betting, slot machines, mahjong, betting exchanges, forex, lottery or any other type of cane can become a member of the GPWA free of charge. They must however fulfil certain membership conditions such as rigorously adhering to the association’s code of conduct, in fact this condition is strictly and regularly checked on by the GPWA. The gaming portals which are members of the GPWA have free access to products and services such as the gaming portals’ private forum, subscription to the GPWA’s magazines and periodic information newsletters, the detailed directory of gaming portals and affiliation programmes, certification with the GWPA quality label and certification as a GPWA sponsor.

The private forum enables gaming portals to exchange experiences and knowledge and to debate certain specific subjects. They can, for example, find detailed information on rules for online gaming in certain jurisdictions, taxes on games, legal matters or proposed regulations which could affect the online gaming industry, tutorials on how to create an efficient website or how to optimise search engines or technical solutions to the problems facing them. Members can get all the tips needed to master all aspects of the career of an online gaming site operator. The content of the magazines and information newsletters is consistent and of excellent quality, the articles are prepared and edited by reporters with experience in the area of online gaming.

Moreover, access to the detailed directory of affiliation programmes allows portals to identify the programmes which correspond to or which are complementary to their profile. Portal owners can refine their searches by specifying selection criteria such as the type of games offered, the programme’s placement based on the volume of players’ visits, the languages available, the gaming software or the nationality of the players permitted to play. By using this directory the portals have the possibility to compare the different offers from the affiliation programmes and to choose a suitable one. Through the forum and the gaming portals directory members can also gather information on the experience of a certain portal with an affiliation programme and read their recommendations.

The GPWA sponsoring programme

The affiliation programmes can become sponsors of the GPWA by paying a certain amount and by observing the conditions governing fairness and responsibility in gaming. Sponsors are grouped into three categories: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Through sponsoring the affiliation programmes can take on new subsidiaries, improve their relationship with their existing subsidiaries and promote players confidence in their brands of online games. These advantages are aided by the existence of thousands of active portals representing a great potential for affiliation for the programmes. In return for their payment, the sponsors, their details and all information concerning them are included in the detailed directory of affiliation programmes. They also benefit from a privileged place for advertisements or for other marketing use in the GPWA’s magazines and information newsletters as well as in the professional directory “iGaming Business Directory” edited by Casino City’s. The latter is a reference for all professionals in the online gaming industry.