The eCOGRA label

Created in 2003, eCOGRA is a non-profit organisation whose main objective is to establish norms for online cash games in order to protect players’ interests. It collaborates with independent audit companies whose role is to verify that the sites it accredits effectively apply the rules and principles that it demands in order to benefit from its label which is recognised by its “Safe & Fair” logo.

Online players deserve to place their bets in a safe and honest place this is the reason why an accredited casino is always recommended. To play in complete security, it is a good idea to opt for a site certified by recognised organisations such as eCOGRA, (eCommerce & Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance), an independent association which protects online players’ interests and which works to set up standards of quality to guarantee the honesty of games. Thus its label is a sign of security and honesty.

Features of casinos certified by eCOGRA

The eCOGRA label is recognised internationally and a casino can only obtain it if it fulfils different criteria required by the association such as the obligation to make customer service, which is efficient and contactable in the shortest time possible, available to its members. Also it agrees to pay its players as quickly as possible and not to have misleading advertisements. On the other hand it must ensure the security of all transactions as well as guaranteeing the confidentiality of all its members’ details and personal information.A casino which is certified by eCOGRA must be legal, have a business licence and it is obliged to adhere to the principle of responsible gaming starting by forbidding access to minors. Also it can only use software certified by eCOGRA while the games it offers have a random nature. It must be said in passing that the requirements of the eCOGRA label are always complementary to the regulations required by the licence. The label is n’t a permanent acquisition, the casinos which have it are subject to an occasional audit carried out by a third party also certified by eCogra. In the case of the required criteria not being met, the result of the audit is negative and the label is withdrawn.

The responsibilities of eCOGRA in the case of litigation

In spite of the fact that a casino has the eCOGRA label, it could still cause a problem with paying out winnings. Litigation between the two parties may be inevitable and in this case in order to resolve the problem one has the possibility of directly contacting eCOGRA and setting out the facts and supplying formal proof so that the organisation can deal with the matter. The facts and proof must be irrefutable and not be debatable so that the player can be best protected and regain his rights. In order for this to happen he must make up a file in the correct manner with the conversations or other means of communication he had when contacting the casino. He has, for example, the possibility of downloading the history accessible in the casino lobby and usually saved on the site.
Other information that he judges necessary should not be forgotten and he should use it to complete his file which should be sent to eCOGRA.Once eCOGRA receives all the documents it will start an inquiry into the file and the situation because this organisation works not only with casino management but also with players. In this case to protect the injured party player’s interests, it will as a mediator pass the case on to one of its lawyers. The mediation is free of charge and on average the case is dealt with by the lawyer in an average of two days. However since the decision that is reached doesn’t come from a court, it isn’t obligatory. However it is to the benefit of both parties, the casino and the player, that it is necessary to abide by it. Actually, not abiding by this decision could damage the casino’s image and reputation.