Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Start in Life


Donald Trump was born in 1946 in the state of New York and was full of energy from an early age. That’s why his father sent him to a military academy at the age of 13 so that he would learn how to benefit from all this energy. After that he studied in Fordham University where he obtained a degree in economics and he began his professional life in hid father’s company. He considered the latter to be his main mentor who taught him the ropes of this career. Donald Trump is best known for his property investments, the famous Trump Towers in New York and Chicago are down to him and he even wanted to rebuild the World Trade Centre Towers after September 11. Donald Trump claims that everything he touches turns to gold and he proves this by investing in casinos.

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino

From 1989 onwards he planned to build a casino because he foresaw the future success of this sector. But the recession affected the American economy at this time and Donald Trump found it hard ttajo get financial backing. Finally he obtained several low interest loans and he built the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City which he considers to be one of his greatest successes. By carrying this off he proved that one can do anything if one has a will of steel. This casino cost about one billion dollars which is an outstanding amount but he wanted something to rival the most beautiful casinos in Las Vegas. This establishment is an architectural marvel containing all the technological innovations of the time. The rooms are divided according to the types of games such as slot machines, roulette, card games etc.


It has 560 tables for poker tournaments and each year this casino hosts the States Poker Championship. It also provides excellent service which attracts the major players. It is a very popular place for major events in the city. The story of the construction of this casino is so extraordinary that it is believed that the writer Paul-Loup Sulitzer was inspired by it to write his trilogy “Money, Cash, Fortune”. In fact the construction of the Taj Mahal was one of the catalysts for the transformation of Atlantic City into the second gaming Mecca after Las Vegas. After that he invested in other casinos in other towns with more or less success because Donald Trump’s aim is to create unique buildings which will be remembered for a long time. For example he attempted something similar in Monaco but the project was later abandoned.

Investment in Online Gaming

A self-made man like Donald Trump couldn’t ignore the phenomenon of online gaming which generates billions of dollars annually. Recently the Taj Mahal casino launched an online version of the establishment and the resemblance to the land based casino is more than real. The software’s graphics recreate the ambiance of luxury. The software running this casino is among the best in the world and players’ security is guaranteed by independent organisations. The Trump group has shares in many online casinos and in poker software as well as its active participation in online gaming events.

A Man who is Proud of his Success

It could be said that modesty isn’t Donald Trump’s strongest point because he boasts about his success at the drop of a hat. He even launched the television programme “The Apprentice” to try to find someone who could equal his success. The idea is a reality game similar to Secret Story but the difference is that it is young businessmen who battle to win. This cult of fame contrasts with his kind heart because he gives huge amounts to charity and non-government agencies. Once he put in an appearance during a catch championship and he gave all he earned to a charity. His strong personality means he doesn’t make just friends as is shown by his dispute with the singer 50 Cent who tried to set up a rival television programme.