The difference between games in flash and fun mode

When playing in an online casino it is important to know what the player is stepping into. In fact to discover the features and platform of an online casino players need to know the type of games the casino offers, its bonuses, its VIP programme as well as the availability of the customer service. This type of information may be found on the site itself where, for example, it is possible to discover the bonus structure, the different VIP levels and the bonuses offered according to the VIP level along with the availability of the customer service. But as regards the games, the site may sometimes put up screenshots of the games without however testing them or giving their own opinion of them.
Online casinos have developed fun mode in response to this request from players. In fact all the casinos available on the web make fun mode (or free mode) in their casino available to players so that the player can discover the platform along with the range of games on offer. We have written an article on this topic and we invite our many readers to read this article “Why is Fun Mode Vital?”The aim of fun mode is to let the player discover the online casino platform. So once the software has been installed the player enters some personal information before accessing the gaming platform and playing the games “with artificial money”. Do be careful! Some games such as cumulative jackpot slot machines as well as games played in the presence of live dealers aren’t accessible in fun mode. In the case of cumulative jackpots fun mode isn’t available since part of the players’ bets is kept for the pot and it isn’t possible to add to the pot with artificial money. For live games (with dealers filmed by webcams) players in demo mode (demonstration version or fun version) cannot bet with artificial money at table games in the presence of players who are playing with real money. Apart from these two types of games all the other games are accessible in fun mode. In this way the player accesses the lobby and can get to know the casino and can decide whether to register or not with real money once he has found his bearings in the casino.

Flash games, quick access to the casino

Some casinos offer games in flash which don’t require any downloading of software. So on the casino’s site the player can launch games in flash and play. Quick and efficient, a game in flash enables one to get an idea of the games’ graphics. New technology allows one to quickly access casino games by using these games in flash including slot machines, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, keno, craps and scratch card games which are accessible in flash mode. This saving of time is precious when forming an opinion and then it is up to the player whether to download the software to access the platform or not. The only snag with games in flash is that a player has access to only one game. In fact by launching the game in flash the player can’t see if the casino’s lobby and the software’s ergonomics are satisfactory or not. So to get a good idea of the online casino a player needs to download the software and play in fun or real mode.

Flash gaming is offered by casinos using Playtech, Microgaming and other software technology. Other casinos place more emphasis on fun mode like for example the online gaming editor Top Game which doesn’t offer games in flash. Perhaps this is a question of strategy, Top Game doesn’t have games in flash but its fun mode version gives a perfect idea of the real money mode …with artificial money. In contrast, the online casino 7red doesn’t require any downloading of software and it has all flash games with 3D special effects. This makes this casino one of the best online 3D casinos with one of the best ranges of slot machines on the market.

In conclusion, it’s not necessary to have games in flash to be considered a good casino even though this method allows a player to save time. We advise players to register in fun mode in order to get a good idea of the gaming platform and not to judge a casino by its games in flash alone.