Credit card

General Information on Credit Cards

A credit card is a payment card in the form of a plastic, rectangular card with an electronic chip and a magnetic strip. While making the first deposit the online casino requires registration of the player’s credit card in order to facilitate and make easier future deposits. Even if the majority of sites accept different cards it is recommended that you check if yours is on the proposed list which includes the major classics. Deposits by credit card are one of the most frequently used methods of topping up a player’s account. According to statistics millions of users of credit cards are counted each day around the world accessing casino games mostly in online casinos. Opting to pay by credit card offers several advantages such as site security and confidentiality of transactions thanks to a perfect encryption system. A credit card is also a quick method enabling you to start playing especially if you are a regular player.

Using a Credit Card for your Transactions

To make a deposit into your account by credit card you just have to access the software, click on Cash or Bank and Add a new card. Then you must complete the form which appears taking care not to omit any of the required details such as your address, account holder identity, the 16 figure number, the 4 figure expiry date as well as the 3 figure number on the back of the card. Then you type in the amount which will be debited from your account to top up your casino account. However the casino must pay a 6% commission and this is the reason why some of them refuse to accept this payment system.

Certain banks which accept transactions with online casinos impose a limit on deposits and withdrawals. A minimum amount of 20€ is imposed by the majority of online casinos. The maximum limits vary from one casino to another. Among the disadvantages of using this payment system is the obligation to provide documents to verify the owner of the account. The proof can be a scan of the card with the credit card bill or a digital photo.

Some Types of Credit Cards

Using a credit card is the most secure and rapid on the market at the moment. The cards which allow one to make a deposit in real time are American Express, Mastercard and Visa. There are several types of credit cards including the National Credit Card and the Visa Credit card. The National Credit Card is aimed at people with a regular income or who do not wish to use an international card. At the bottom of the range is the Visa Electron which is a limited card aimed at clients who wish to use their card without surpassing a certain limit. As an option which is valid internationally the Visa Plus card is aimed at clients who do not have a payment card or who wish to have a reserve card in addition to their usual payment card. Aimed at people with high incomes, the Visa Infinite card is the top of the range Visa credit card. It’s considered to be a prestigious card aimed at a particularly demanding clientele.

Before choosing a bank a player needs to check that it’s possible to carry out transactions in online casinos. In fact these transactions are strictly forbidden in certain banks and in this case it’s useful to use an alternative payment method. Aimed at personal customers it’s recommended for travel and leisure activities in particular casino games. By offering wider cover and greater payment ability around the world it’s recommended for family travel. The e-card is an alternative casino payment method if you wish to keep the number of your credit card. Provided by certain banking establishments, it’s a credit card which is used temporarily to allow you to transfer funds to a casino account. Using this card also has other advantages like not needing to verify your account which can sometimes take several days.