General Rules for Craps

Craps is played with a pair of die and the players bet on the results of the rolls of the die. In craps certain bets can be made after the roll of the dice others well before it. In casinos, on the table one can see a game mat with several betting compartments and a place to roll the dice. The game is supervised by four casino dealers including a “boxman”, who supervises the casino team and ensures that the game and the coordination of the game go well, two dealers whose main task is to gather up the losing chips and share out the winnings and finally a “stickman”, who holds 6 non- piped dice from which two will be chosen by the shooter during a game of craps.

Playing and betting in craps

The main thing in craps is to correctly bet on the results of the dice. There are several places on the table where you can place your chips. These compartments correspond to particular bets and are subject to odds: some are 1 to 1, 4 to 1, 11 to 1. Thus the size of your eventual winnings or losses depends on your wager. The compartments in the centre of the compartment have a low probability of coming up and therefore correspond to higher winnings. You may bet on these compartments but you risk rapidly depleting your gaming budget.

General knowledge about the game of craps

During a game of craps a shooter is chosen from amongst the players around the table or the casino staff. This person takes 2 dice, one red and one green. This stage is followed by the players placing bets and it is at this point that it is important to master the rules for playing craps. Once the shooter has thrown the dice one calls it an opening roll or “come out roll”. If you are the shooter you must place a bet on your result so either you win based on the odds of your bet or you lose and the casino takes your chips. But it could also happen that there is a new roll of the dice either with or without a change in the bets.

The different ways to bet in craps

There are many possible ways to bet in craps. It is easy to master them all. One adds the results of the two dice: for example (3+2=5). Sometimes one gets a double 1 which is worth 2 or a double 6 which is 12 or a 3 which is from 1+2 =3 these results make up what is called craps. With double of the following points: 2,3,4,5 whose respective sum makes 4, 6, 8 and 10 you will have what is called “hard ways”.

The different phases in a game of craps

There are several figures in craps. Firstly, if in a “come out roll” the shooter gets a craps whose total is 2 or 3 he will immediately lose the chips he has bet. Those who have bet on a “pass line” on this first throw also lose their bets. On the other hand those who have bet on a “don’t pass” will get back their bet and win an amount depending on the odds if the result is a 2 or a 3. If the total of the two dices gives a craps of 12 one has a void, in this case one has a new roll of the dice. If the first roll gives a 7 or 11, the shooter and all the players who have bet on “pass line” will win in contrast to those who have bet on “don’t pass”.

After the first roll, if the shooter doesn’t get a craps or a “pass line” that wins one has what is referred to in the jargon of craps as a “point” and the dice are rolled again. In the case where the shooter makes a point before rolling a 7, he wins and one changes shooter, if he gets a 7 in the rolls before the point he loses and one also changes the shooter.
It is also possible to bet on other compartments of the table. One can place a bet on the big 6 or the big 8 which bets on having a 6 or 8 before a 7. You also have the possibility to bet on the areas where you have a chance to win if 2, 3, 4, 9 or 12 turn up. If after the first roll a point is established you can also make bets called “place to win”: 4, 6, 8, 9 or 10. 6 and 8 appear more frequently in these types of rolls.


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