Using Click2pay to Play in an Online Casino

The boom in online casinos and other cash games has lead to the meteoric rise of alternative methods of payment. One can refer to these methods as revolutionary due to the security they bring and also the speed of the transactions. These new procedures are n’t yet putting an end to the reign of the credit card but are none the less competition for them. They offer the user many advantages both for the quality of the service and the security of financial details.

An Introduction to Click2pay

Click2pay is an internet payment method much appreciated by its users especially in online casinos. It is among payment methods which are the most reliable, most easy to use and the quickest to make a deposit into a player account on an online gaming site. Just on the market for a couple of years, it immediately made its mark in the very competitive industry of virtual casinos. One of its strong points is that it is available in several countries and in 11 languages. Also to sign up to this service is very easy one just has to complete a form with one’s personal details and then validate this registration by returning the email sent by the site. After that any transfer to or coming from an online casino may be carried out in complete security. Click2pay uses the most up to date technology to encode and encrypt its clients’ details to prevent any intrusion or attempt to hack into its data base.

Using Click2pay in an Online Casino

Click2pay is considered to be an intermediary between an online casino and a land based bank. It’s a reassuring and secure way to top up one’s account in an online casino or poker room. In fact using it is like using an online purse, that is to say, that with this method one can make deposits into and withdrawals from one’s online casino. Besides, many online gaming sites accept this payment method and to encourage players to use it most also offer along with the welcome bonus, another bonus which can be 10 to 20% of the amount deposited. This shows that these sites support Click2pay and have complete confidence in it. But the success of this system of payment in online casinos and poker rooms is also due to the land based banks’ anti-cash games policy. In fact almost all the main banks refuse to carry out financial transactions directly with a cash games site on the web by imposing high charges on the client or by sending reminders and can go as far as refusing payment or encashment.

Click2pay : an ally for gaming

The sums deposited with the Click2pay payment method into an online casino are immediately credited to the player’s account and sometimes increased by an extra bonus. Also making a deposit in this way doesn’t require any verification, just having enough funds is sufficient; this funding can be made in many ways, by card or bank transfer. The fact of having instant access to this amount to play without any restrictions allows the player to peacefully and calmly play in the online casino or sport betting site of his choosing. The stress linked to other payment options is just not there with Click2pay. One’s credit card details are not given out, there is no danger of receiving a letter from the bank, the deposit is made immediately etc. Even withdrawing one’s winnings takes place rapidly, the longest delay is 48 hours. Also there is no maximum limit on deposits or withdrawals and the minimum limit is very low: 2 euros on certain online gaming sites.