Cheques and their characteristics

A cheque is one of the payment methods accepted by online casinos. It’s an actual paper document given to a client by the bank to allow him to make payments. It comes in a cheque book which has several attached and removable cheques in it. Making up almost 15% of online transactions, the use of cheques is an alternative payment method available in casinos. It must be written in an exchangeable currency and if this isn’t done it will be refused by the beneficiary.
On a cheque one can see two categories of user: the signatory of the cheque and the beneficiary who will receive the written amount through his bank. Based on his balance, the signatory will ask his bank to debit his account by the amount mentioned on the cheque. Considered to be a relatively stable payment the use of cheques is frequent among the clientele of casinos especially those who make large payments. In fact for certain players using a cheque is above all synonymous with security when compared with other payment methods such as credit cards which require some experience.

The types of cheques in use

There are 2 types of cheques: a crossed cheque and an uncrossed cheque. Provided without charge by the bank, a crossed cheque is for a beneficiary who has a bank account, which is the case for the majority of online casinos. As for an uncrossed cheque, it may be used, paid out on sight and cashed in by anyone, even someone who doesn’t have a bank account.
There are also other types like a signed banker’s cheque and a certified cheque. With the bank’s signature, a signed cheque confirms that the account to be debited has sufficient funds at the time it is issued. Considered to be a safe payment, a certified cheque has the bank’s signature which confirms the provision of the funds and the transfer within a week to the beneficiary’s account. Using a cheque allows one to avoid the constraints imposed by the use of credit cards which fix weekly spending limits. The payment time for a cheque can vary from one country to another but it’s usually 10 days for an express cheque and 3 weeks for a normal cheque.

Some advice for using a cheque well

The cheque should be written to the address recommended by the casino along with your name as well as the actual service which is to receive it. Since transactions involving casino games are forbidden by certain banks you are advised to make enquiries before using a cheque as a payment method. It may take several weeks for the cheque to be credited to the casino’s account. Due to this, you are advised to use a different payment method if you are in a hurry because the payment isn’t considered valid until the amount of the cheque is credited to the casino’s account. Losing a cheque book can cause problems so you must rapidly notify your bank by going there or by sending a registered letter or a telegram.

Writing a cheque without having sufficient funds is considered a criminal offence and charges can be brought for non-payment. Also before writing one it is advisable to check one’s account balance in order to avoid problems. The penalties include payment of a fine and even exclusion from the bank for any payment that cannot be covered. The amount of the fine could be doubled if three cheques which bounce are written within one year. One may be given an exemption in the following cases: providing sufficient funds within 30 days of writing the cheque or in the case of a first incident over the past 12 months.