Casino High Rollers

Casino High Rollers

In online casino jargon, players with a large budget are called “High Rollers”. Long ago these players were called “Big Time Gamblers” but nowadays the online casino industry has given them a new name, it is in english but is recognised in every language.High Rollers are the type of players who are greatly appreciated by casinos due to the major bets they place on their favourite games. It could be said that sometimes one high roller can bet as much as a hundred “little” players. Casinos use all means possible to gain the loyalty of these valuable players, they offer them enormous casino bonuses, cash back bonuses or they give them personal operators and not forgetting huge amounts of gifts.

Just like the land based casinos such as the Bellagio, the Venetian Casino and the Monaco casinos who charter private planes for their major players, the online casinos spoil their major players by making an excellent VIP service and other services available to them. To start with, high rollers are offered very large bonuses with their first deposit in order to whet their appetite. For example, casinos such as Rome Casino offer 1000€ for each 500€ deposit which optimises a high roller’s playing time. But a real gambler doesn’t always wait for a bonus before spending colossal amounts in an online casino. In fact the range of games, the machines’ refund rate, the quality of the games and the customer service are determining factors for an online casino major player. High rollers also benefit from exceptional conditions whether they are regular bonuses or cash back. Sometimes casinos offer trips to gaming capitals such as Macau, Las Vegas or Singapore or will even charter private planes to exotic locations.

High rollers can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their favourite games. As a general rule, major players are diligent players of table games and cards such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack and have a preference for playing live. In fact there is nothing better than playing at real gaming tables in the presence of real dealers where all actions and gestures are relayed in real time with webcams. Dublinbet is a pioneer in this area it has several live gaming tables, Tropez Casino and William Hill casino also have live dealers.

High rollers are dream clients for land based casinos and online casinos because of their large budget. Casinos have seen the value in rolling out the red carpet for them and in always giving them equally good service and bonuses. Another important factor to be taken into account as regards high rollers: the pay out of their winnings. In fact some online casinos have a weekly limit on their winnings pay outs but due to their level of gaming this constraint isn’t placed on major players. Usually a high roller is paid quickly so as to gain his loyalty and so that he won’t go elsewhere. To lose a high roller means a great loss for the casino’s coffers.


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