Casino Bonus Code

Casino Bonus Code

By being registered on certain casino sites you can benefit from a free bonus by entering a specific code during your registration. Called a bonus code, a bonus coupon or a free coupon it is necessary to benefit from certain bonuses. Although most of the time it’s a free bonus without a deposit you could just as easily be in a casino which will offer you a certain number of chips to be used within a specified time limit.

What is a bonus code?

A bonus code is a code which gives one the right to a bonus. In fact it isn’t rare in online casinos to be able to have a free bonus without a deposit but in order to have one of these it is vital to enter a precise code. This bonus can be accessed through a verification email which the online casino will send to confirm your registration on the site. You enter the bonus code and click the box to show that you accept the various conditions to be fulfilled to get your bonus.

One of the useful things about bonus codes is that they allow you to avoid having cookies on your computer. In order not to have them one can erase them using the tools button on your computer. Another useful point is that by giving the casino site the bonus code you are identified and that may be useful for you later on because certain promotions are reserved for clients who have this bonus code. Finally it is useful to use the bonus code simply if you wish to benefit from a free bonus without a deposit.

What does one gain with a bonus code?

As we have already seen a bonus code allows one to have a free bonus without a deposit. The amount of this varies from about ten euros to a sum that could be up to 100 euros. This type of bonus is available without even having to make a deposit. However it is necessary to open an account on the casino’s site. This account will be necessary to withdraw any winnings you may have and also to deposit a certain amount, which varies from one gaming site to another, which may be required to be able to withdraw one’s winnings. You must also fulfil certain gaming conditions to release this bonus. You can’t in fact use this bonus on any game you choose but must keep to the list of games in which the bonus must be used. Only strictly following all the conditions will allow you to release the bonus and your winnings from your casino account.

Bonus codes also give one the right to another type of bonus. These are free spin bonuses which give you the possibility of playing games for free for a certain amount of time decided by the online casino. In this case also, you usually can’t play all the games on the site and most of the time it’s a possibility offered for slot machines. You may find an offer which gives 200 free turns for an hour on one armed bandits. Sometimes it may involve an amount of chips that you can use, also for an hour, in one of the casino games.

Whatever the offer of free bonuses available with bonus codes, this type of bonus is an excellent means of spending time trying out casino games. Because as you know you won’t be playing with your own money but with the amount or the chips that have been given to you free of charge. So you can get to know the casino and after that decide to make a deposit as a new player which will also give you the right to a bonus corresponding to a percentage of the amount that you deposit.