Cash Back Bonus

Online casino cash back bonuses are real money bonuses paid back to the player. The cash back bonus is, in contrast to the welcome bonus or VIP bonus, not very widespread in the world of online casinos. In fact few casinos offer this bonus which is mainly paid back in table games or cards such as baccarat, roulette or blackjack.
Certain online casinos can also offer this cash back bonus for games of craps or sic bo but it varies from one casino to another.The idea behind this cash back bonus is to pay back a percentage of the amounts bet by the player in a table or card game but only in the case of the player losing his bet. So a player who has put down 100€ on a blackjack table and lost it could be reimbursed 25€ by the casino. Which is the same as saying that the player has lost 75€ and not the 100€ he put down. This bonus is never offered for video poker games or slot machines because the welcome bonus is the bonus offered for these.So it is vital to carefully read which games are included in the welcome bonus category in order to find out if table games and card games are also taken into account in the welcome bonus.
If the online casino is transparent it lists in black and white the games which are included in the welcome bonus or in the cash back bonus. For example, the online casino Rome Casino states in its bonus section that the games of black jack, roulette and baccarat have their own cash back bonus of 25% in the case that the casino wins (which means the player has lost his bets). This bonus is valid for the same length of time as the welcome bonus. Let’s come back to the example of Rome Casino. This online casino offers a 300% bonus on the first 5 deposits for slot machines and video poker games, scratch cards and keno. The cash back bonus is 25% and it is also valid for the first five deposits which is very attractive to fans of these traditional casino games.

Cash back bonus: roulette, baccarat and blackjack

If you are a fan of baccarat, blackjack or roulette, the cash back bonus system is of interest due to having part of the bets made paid back. Be careful though as online casinos offer traditional bonuses that are a percentage of the bets made. This is the case with Dublinbet which is one of the online casinos which specialises in table games. This online casino which takes place live from a real casino situated in Dublin is the ideal place for major players of table games. Dublinbet offers a 100% welcome bonus for a 100€ deposit so in this way the player gets to play his favourite game with 200€. It is worth knowing that holders of a Moneybookers account can receive a 200% bonus up to 200€ to play Dublinbet games.

The cash back bonus isn’t widespread in online casinos and the Top Game software offers this bonus system. The Rome Casino and Diceland Casino which are very well known offer these cash back bonuses. With their two games of roulette one of which is an electric roulette and their three games of blackjack these casinos fulfil all the wishes of fans of these table and card games. However there is some disappointment with the game of baccarat which is a mini baccarat so we would recommend major players to play in the Dublinbet Casino.