Caesars Palace Casino

Caesars Palace, a residence worthy of Julius Caesar

Ideally situated between the Bellagio and the Mirage hotel- casinos, Caesars Palace with its 4.5 stars can cope with any comparison with its neighbours. To be found on the Strip, it is among the most beautiful hotel complexes in Las Vegas. As its name implies, its main theme is ancient Rome and at that time in history nothing was more luxurious than Caesars Palace.

Inspired by the Emperor Julius Caesar’s Roman empire, Caesars Palace has increased in size bit by bit over the years. Initially the building only had one tower, the Palace Tower, now it has five including the Centurion, Forum, Roman and Augustus towers with a total of 3348 rooms. Like most of the hotel complexes on the “Strip”, Caesars Palace is also a paradise for fans of cash games and games of chance.

Cash games and games of chance in Caesars Palace’s luxurious gaming rooms

Within Caesars Palace the gaming rooms occupy up to 11,984 square metres. This area is divided into slot machines, two table gaming rooms, the poker room and the bookmaker. Thousands of slot machines are available to players in Caesars Palace. This amazing offer includes all types of machines imaginable including video poker, machines with 3,4,5,6 or 7 rollers, multi- line payment machines, one arm bandits etc… Certain machines even offer mind blowing cumulative jackpots. In Caesars Palace traditional table games two immense rooms beautifully decorated in the style of ancient Rome. Benefiting from the latest innovations in equipment, they clearly show the attention given to players’ well being. So playing several games of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps etc in Caesars Palace can easily be justified. Since the gaming rooms open onto different well frequented bars, players don’t have far to go to get a drink. Waitresses or hostesses are only too happy to take their order and to serve them.

Needless to say the most famous card game, poker has a specific room in Caesars Palace. Consisting of several gaming tables, this poker room offers several variations of poker. It goes without saying that players will find Texas Hold’em, five Stud, Seven Stud and Pai Gow tables. Those who like to bet on sporting events rather than casino games won’t be disappointed in Caesars Palace. They only have to go to the room in the complex which is dedicated to bookmaking. Several flat screens are arranged so that the player can follow live the event or race on which he has bet. Apart from major international events  (World Cup, Mondial etc…) mostly American horse races and sports are to be seen in this room.

The amenities offered by Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace hotel- casino complex doesn’t just offer only luxurious hotel rooms and cash games and games of chance. The immense complex houses amenities designed for the comfort and well being of its clients. Just as long ago the Roman empire spread over a large part of the globe,  the restaurants in Caesars Palace ( Hyakumi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Mesa Grill, Augustus Café, Scores Steakhouse, Guy Savoy etc…) will take its clients from one side of the world to the other through the various culinary specialities.

For relaxation, Caesars Palace has many swimming pools most of which are straight from ancient Rome with columns around the edge. Qua Baths and Spa will get hotel clients back in form thanks to the different types of baths and massages available. The Coliseum, an emblem of roman power has been reproduced in Caesars Palace. The one in the hotel can accommodate up to 4,200 people and has a stage of over 2,000 square metres. The audience can even watch the current show in high definition on a huge flat screen.


News about Caesars Palace Casino

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