Bonus payment

Features of alternative payment methods

Online casinos as well as poker rooms generally offer different payment methods for financial transactions. Besides bank transfers such as Visa and Mastercards, cheques and direct debits, other payment alternatives are offered and these specifically involve electronic transfers via electronic wallets. Among these alternative payment methods one can list: Moneybookers, Neteller, Ecocard, Click&Buy, Ukash etc. Working in partnership with these payment companies online casinos have set up “alternative payment methods” in order to benefit from transactions which perform better as regards speed and security. Choosing an APM benefits both the player and the casino because when it comes to formalities, discretion and speed, the system performs well.

Bonuses for alternative payment methods

Online casinos have put in place a large selection of electronic payment methods and to motivate players free bonuses have even been linked to them. The basic principle is simple, by choosing one of the electronic payment methods on the list you will be redirected to the official site of the virtual bank in order to create your account. After a few clicks this becomes active and gives you the possibility of making online purchases or payments, receiving money online and above all to play discretely without having to reveal your identity.

While registering in an online casino, you will be asked to make a first deposit by choosing a payment method which suits you. Bank transfers are part of this choice however these often involve major formalities such as the requirement to supply a player’s proof of identity and certain casinos have begun to refuse to accept them. Because of this, APMs, that is Alternative Payment Methods, made an appearance in order to make transactions smoother, more transparent and reliable. By opting for one of these payment methods the establishment gives you a free 10 to 20% bonus on all of your deposits.
Even if the majority of online casinos still have credit cards on their list of payment methods, their use has been overtaken by alternative methods since these enable the player to benefit from different advantages of which the most appreciated remains the free bonus. In fact, players looking, at the same time, for total confidentiality of their identity, rapid and reliable transactions and more credits to play with find everything they are looking for. Virtual banks are increasing on the web and a casino will offer a minimum choice of 10 APMs with some even going as far as 30 APMs. However the level of the bonus varies according to the virtual bank that is chosen and differs also from casino to casino; obviously it is best to opt for the one that is most advantageous for you.

Receiving APMs and their conditions of use

If with certain specifically named APMs bonuses are directly credited into your casino account other bonuses will only be released after sending the establishment an email. To benefit from your bonus we recommend you carefully follow the rules laid down by the casino. In general poker rooms as well as online casinos limit this offer to a monthly maximum amount, usually 200 to 300 euros per month depending on the site.

As regards the conditions for the use of these bonuses, some sites offer total freedom in the use of these bonuses while other, much more constraining casinos will not allow you to have a bonus along with any other bonus for example with the welcome bonus or the loyalty bonus. Also often a minimum amount of bets is required before being able to withdraw your winnings. We advise you to read in full the terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstanding. You should also regularly check for changes to these terms for all of your future APMs because in general casinos reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.