Bonus High Roller

High Roller Bonus

Depending on the size of the first deposit made by a new client, the casino will grant a corresponding welcome bonus. In fact certain players, while registering as a new member in an online casino, make a large deposit directly into their gaming account and this gives them the right to have a high roller bonus which is often included in the welcome bonus. There are actually two categories of bonus. The classic type given for deposits which don’t surpass a certain amount and generally offering 100% of a bonus and another type linked to large deposits.

How to get a High Roller bonus

In order to have an online casino high roller bonus one must fulfil certain conditions. Firstly one must register on a casino site and open a gaming account. If the first deposit that you make is above a certain amount, decided in advance by the casino, you will have the right to have a high roller bonus also known as a major player bonus. So by depositing for example 1000 euros into your new account the site may credit 500 euros to your account. If you credited your account with 3000 or 4000 euros you could gain 1000 or more euros.

Each online casino is independent and therefore has a specific high roller offer. So to choose a site and receive its special major player bonus one needs to carefully compare what the different sites offer as regards high bonuses.

It needs to be said that receiving a high roller bonus means one can no longer get the traditional 100% welcome bonus which allows a player to double the amount of the first deposit to an average of about 200 euros. The other bonuses which may be offered by an online casino are on the other hand still completely accessible to those who have a high roller bonus.

The extra advantages of a High Roller bonus

Once you are registered as a major player and even if you plan on playing for several months using your first deposit you will benefit from other different advantages. The bonus that you receive is much higher than that offered as a classic bonus. This one bonus will enable you to play for many hours during which you can try out several games and place large bets on roulette and many other casino games.

On the other hand when one thinks of a major player bonus, one tends to think that such a bonus only concerns a relatively rich clientele prepared to make large deposits after their initial deposit. The amount required to receive a high roller bonus is in fact generally quite high but could also correspond roughly to what a “classic” player could spend over time. If after doing a calculation a player thinks that over 6 months he would spend almost the same amount as that needed to receive a high roller bonus, it could be worth while to wait and to save up before registering in order to have the required sum. In this way by depositing your 1000, 2000 or 3000 euros in one go you could benefit from the major player bonus and the numerous advantages it offers.

As we said above, receiving a high roller bonus doesn’t mean one cannot have other bonuses. So a major player will receive, just like other players, loyalty bonuses in the form of points. These points will give him, just like others, the right to benefit from various promotional offers and all sorts of presents. Access to his casino’s VIP club doesn’t depend on these loyalty points because a player receiving a high roller bonus is added directly to the list of VIPs thanks to the amount of his deposit.