The general rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game much favoured in online and land based casinos. The principle behind it is based on counting the points on the cards one receives. To win one must have a total of 21 points or the nearest possible to this. In blackjack all the number cards are worth the amount shown on them while the cards with the letters J (jack), K (king) and Q (queen) are worth 10 points each. The Ace is the only exception as it can be worth 1 or 11 points according to the player’s choice. It must be said that in blackjack the opponent to beat is the dealer and even more so the casino. A table can have seven players and there is a section to lay bets in front of each place. Each of these sections can take the bets of three different players but it is only the seated player who can decide how these are managed.

The first round of cards

Before the cards are dealt, the player must place his bet in the designated section, then the dealer gives all the seated players two cards himself included. All the dealt cards are visible to all except for one of the dealer’s cards which remains hidden. In American blackjack this card isn’t revealed until all the players have finished playing while in the French version it is shown after the first round of cards takes place. The first round is when the cards have just been dealt, the croupier looks to see if a player has “blackjack”, an Ace and a black jack which give him a total of 21 points. This player is declared the winner of the first round and is paid according to the highest level of payment in blackjack. It is only in the first round that a total of 21 points is called “Blackjack” otherwise it’s just a winning total of 21 points which is well paid out but not as much a “blackjack” which pays out 1.5 times the bet. Other winnings are paid at one time the bet. Each table has a notice informing the player of the minimum and maximum bets accepted.

Blackjack rules relating to bets

All the following bets take place after the first round which has just been explained. If a player receives a pair of cards he can have a split. That is he can share his two cards to have two new hands. He must place a bet similar to the first one on the new hand. The player can also try double or nothing which means he’ll take the risk of drawing just one card in addition to what he has. In American blackjack this last supplementary card is only revealed when the dealer has finished playing. Then there is the Insurance bet. This bet allows the player to reduce by half the bet on the table in the case that the dealer’s visible card is an Ace, which could lead to blackjack.

The rules to follow while playing

If the first two cards dealt don’t form a “blackjack” the game continues and the players must decide if they want to stand or to draw cards. The aim of the game being to get as close to 21 points, the player must draw cards to try to win. He may ask for as many cards as he wishes as long as the cards that he holds don’t go beyond 21 as if so he automatically loses. If he decides that he is close enough to 21 he can decide to stand and says “pass” to show that he doesn’t want any more cards. The dealer plays last and he too draws cards to approach 21, usually the dealer stops at 17 (imposed by the casino) if he can’t make 21. If the dealer by passes 21 all the remaining players are winners.  If not the winner is the one, dealer or player, who gets closest to 21. In the case where they have the same total the game is void and the player takes back his bet.


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